“Dybala-Scamacca to replace Lautaro. But Inzaghi risks if Inter don’t restart with Juve. Brozovic returns. Allegri waits for Zaniolo and attacks Guardiola, but he makes a mistake “

Colleague Bucchioni on TMW:

The crash of the national team took the stage away from the championship but beware, in the next round there could be the decisive turning point for the championship. From Juve-Inter and Atalanta-Napoli the final investiture could also arrive for AC Milan playing with Bologna, certainly from these challenges we will have more precise indications on the final sprint.

Obviously the spotlight is on especially on the Juventus Stadium where Inter arrive and where Dybala plays his first match as a former Juventus player and as a betrothed Nerazzurri. Curious crossroads, exciting if you like. We have already written several times that letting someone like Dybala go away at zero (still worth 50 million) is madness. Juve should have beaten other paths, sought an agreement with the player for a shared solution on the market, but certain operations must be devised in time and then put into practice before expiring, I saw too much improvisation and decisive changes of direction with lightness. However, it is now gone and if Dybala were to end up reinforcing Inter the joke would be double.
But will he really go to the Nerazzurri?
The agreement is not there yet. It is normal that we talk about it, it is normal that Marotta has been thinking about it for some time, he has made some proposals and the player thinks about it, but the deal is not done.
Dybala, however, is the perfect operation for this Inter who must strengthen without weighing on the budgets. It will cost a salary (seven million?) And this is obvious, but with Sanchez going out, the accounts may already be even. But Dybala alone is not enough, and with Dzeko at the end of the game (36 years old) the Nerazzurri attack needs a good center forward for today, but above all to grow for the future.

Let’s summarize: the idea is to bring together Dybala and Scamacca. One invents and scores an author’s goal, the other puts the body and waits for assists. It is unthinkable, in fact, to rely on a less physical attack with Lautaro-Dybala, the Nerazzurri need a terminal like Lukaku was and how Dzeko is now, with different characteristics. Lautaro and Dybala, if you like, neither of them are suitable to make the first striker and together they would struggle.

Here then is the hypothesis of giving the green light to Lautaro to completely change the attack. The Argentine is not doing badly, he still scored 14 goals, but he has a not very continuous performance, for the qualities he has from him he always expects something more and there is also the feeling that in the relationship with Inter they are lacking stimuli and energy even if the contract was renewed a few months ago. So?
Lautaro has a market in Spain (especially Atletico), but also in the Premier League (Tottenham and beyond) and is currently worth about seventy million for Transfermarkt. This money could be used to close the Scamacca operation with Sassuolo, valued at forty million, with a residual cash to invest perhaps in a vice-Brozovic. This is the scenario that lies ahead while difficulties have arisen for Frattesi with Sassuolo, perhaps Juve is behind it but we will see it.

However, doubts remain around Dybala. With the card in hand, he could also ask for ten million salary, a figure that would become problematic for Inter. However, hesitations about moving from Juve to historic rivals have fallen, because of the way he has been treated he actually feels the desire for revenge. A skilled strategist like Marotta is weaving the canvas.
The reason why Juve gave up Dybala is certain and twofold. On the one hand the economic aspect and the investment considered excessive, on the other the desire to change the technical project. Allegri wants a more physical, more powerful, more counter-attacking and temperamentally stronger team. It is no coincidence that in an early interview yesterday he spoke of counterattacks, long balls, even the goalkeeper. I see a muscular Juve with an attacking trio that rips made by Zaniolo, Vlahovic and Chiesa. All people who leave, who have a leg, who have strength. Dybala is a toy that invents, slows down the action, needs to embroider and would have been a brake on the new-old cheerful football.
In the same interview, however, Allegri made an unforgivable mistake at his levels. In an attempt to massacre Guardiola with a velvet glove to bring water to the mill of his less organized and more essential football, he said that the City goalkeeper is the inspirer of the maneuver with throws of up to seventy-eighty meters. It could also happen in some situations, but the meticulous numbers of the English say exactly the opposite: Ederson is the one who launches less in the whole Premier with great detachment. Everyone does the football he wants, but to demonize what works, we need to be a little more precise. So to speak, he means. Then the counterattack and the good old Italian game can always have their reasons. Especially if he brings results and that’s the problem. We were talking about Zaniolo before and nothing new is discovered. But will Juve pay them the fifty million requested by Roma?
The idea is there, but the road does not seem downhill even if Mou like Mancini thinks that Zaniolo still needs to improve and a lot in the ability to play with and for the team. Individualists are born, great players must become.

Returning to Juve-Inter on Sunday evening, the one who risks more this time is not Allegri, but Inzaghi. Inter in the league has stopped working for two months and the coach is arousing perplexity due to the general decline in athleticism, for the management of the squad and the changes, for the Brozovic affair. By the way, the Croatian will be there on Sunday evening and it’s not cheap. Inzaghi did very well for 2/3 of the championship, but the final phase is what counts. If Inter starts again for a period of time, they can’t stay and will be declassified, but if they were to close like this, beyond the Scudetto, doubts would also arise about the future of the coach. Can three different midfielders be invented (Barella, Vecino, Chalanoglu) for three matches without Brozovic without having a certain and reliable solution proven in training?
You don’t experiment at certain levels and then the substitutions in the Derby too often come back to mind not to us, but to society. Anyway, banality, just winning in Turin to wipe out everything and everyone. The problem is that it will be very complicated precisely because of the pressures and the expectation that Juve has less this time.

And Milan are waiting. On the market, on the other hand, it moves. Origi, 27, expiring with Liverpool is a great deal both economic (with the growth decree) and technical. A player of personality, he can play different roles in the Rossoneri attacking form, central or winger, and even when he starts from the bench he knows how to get into the game with ease. This year he played little, he needed to relaunch.
On the other hand, Lille’s Sanches operation has become cold and certainly complicated. Milan did not close in January and now there are other clubs around the Portuguese (including Juve) and concerns about the required salary which is around six million. History not closed, pending.

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