Esposito avoids psychodrama, Dickmann is the most dangerous striker – Lo Spallino

Against Cosenza, SPAL seriously risked psychodrama that could have had dire consequences to say the least. A nice free kick by Esposito in full recovery has instead avoided the eighth defeat of the season, even if the result certainly cannot represent a satisfaction.

TEAM VOTE: 5 – Mancosu’s mistake from the spot is a boulder that steered the game from the wrong side. SPAL grinds and grinds, but takes the usual goal from a firm ball and rarely manages to hurt Cosenza. The number of shots on goal in half an hour with the extra man is worrying: zero, except for Esposito’s winning one.

ALFONSO 6 – Hindered by two opponents on the 0-1 corner, he can little or nothing on the second goal. He also has to thank Larrivey’s inaccuracy in the middle of the first half. He makes a few mistakes here and there, but they don’t affect the result.

DICKMANN 7 – In the end, he is SPAL’s main offensive weapon. In the first half he creates the most dangerous opportunity and immolates himself on the occasion that could give the 0-2 to Cosenza. In the second he scores the equalizer after a few seconds, albeit aided by a not blameless Matosevic. Warned, he will miss the away match in Lecce on Saturday.

VICARS 4.5 – He returns to the owner and lives a really bad evening. He is a suspect for Camporese’s goal and is inevitably guilty of Caso’s, which in fact costs him very heavy whistles. He hadn’t even started that badly, starting the penalty action and making a couple of nice defensive closings. But then the anxiety took over.

CAPRADOSSI 5 – He does not do much better than his partner and seems to lack the safety of the latest releases. He falls asleep dangerously on the counterattack in which Larrivey grace the Este in the first half and could certainly do something more to help out at 1-2. Alfonso puts a patch on an amnesia of him in the second half.

TRIPALDELLI 5 – He had the opportunity to regain the ranks of owner and in fact he wasted it. In the first half he misses simple supports forwards and leaves dangerous holes behind, also conditioned by the yellow card after just 9 minutes. In the second he tries to be a little more courageous forward, but collects only one successful cross out of five attempted.

FROM RIVA 5.5 – He gets busy, but sometimes he tinkers a little too much. At 19 ‘he gets a collective “pull” of the stadium, but he was still offside. He supports her well for Dickmann, but this is not enough to ennoble his game (Dal 18 ′ st PINATO 5 – Anonymous entry with some good recovery, but also a few mistakes too).

VIVIANI 5.5 – He tries as usual to put his technique into it, but appears in physical difficulty in the second game in four days. He tries to make order, but he has to give up at the interval (From 1 ‘st EXPOSURE 6.5 – He has Larrivey sent off and returns to score from a free-kick with an expired time, giving the unexpected point that saves the evening of SPAL. This makes you forget – partially – the flood of errors in the rest of its 50 minutes. Too bad for the controversial exultation).

ZANELLATO 5 – The opposite of the good test in Alexandria. The only good thing we remember is a launch on which Mancosu creates the opportunity for Melchiorri in the 36th minute, but otherwise actively contributes to the highly negative test of the left-handed chain with Tripaldelli.

MANCOSU 5 – He has the opportunity to put it down after less than two minutes, but he makes a mistake as against Perugia, allowing himself to be neutralized by Matosevic who was also saved on the first penalty in his career. Wrong checks and steps that for him would be elementary. He seems not to be at his best physically (From 39 ‘st D’ORAZIO ng – He replaces Mancosu for the ultra offensive finish, he moves in the spaces and has few opportunities to be seen).

MELCHIORRI 5.5 – Ready, go and win the penalty that can direct the game after 50 seconds. He protests for another dubious contact (he had mocked Carraro with a tunnel) and does the usual bank job for his teammates. He has two Mancosu cross chances, but the ball never reaches him right (from the 18 ‘st FINOTTO 5 – Returning after the long stop, you never see it).

VIDO 5.5 – Extremely generous and combative, but more confusing than usual: he misses movements which are generally his bread. He does not convince the understanding with his teammates and manages to become dangerous only with an unrealistic header. (From the 18th st MILK LATH 5 – Venturato inserts him trusting in his speed, but with Cosenza locked up in the last twenty meters of the field he has no room to go. He tries only one shot, completely oversized).

VENTURATED 5 – Of course, if Mancosu misses a penalty after 2 minutes he can do a little, but his SPAL really produces too little in an evening in which a victory would have meant a lot. The worrying trend towards passive goals on set pieces and the inability to unhinge hermetically sealed defenses continues.

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