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If someone did not know who Fermin Aldeguer was until last weekend, now they cannot fail to know him. In Argentina he dominated all the shiftstook pole position and was fighting for victory when a race accident forced him to retire. We went to speak with Speed ​​Up team manager Luca Boscoscuro to get to know the 17-year-old (he turned just yesterday) from Murcia better, who is exceeding expectations in Moto2.

What boy is Fermin?

He looks much more mature than his age, especially at work he is very professional. This makes an incredible difference to her age. Last year he had a wonderful season at CEV with me, winning nine out of eleven races and we did the first test with Moto2 last year in March“.

What kind of relationship do you have?

Great, even more. He wanted to come and work with us. When he came, I took him to the World Championship last year with the replacement of Yari Montella, he was very happy. Now we must reap the benefits of his talent. Sunday was a bit unlucky and naive, but we had an incredible weekend. I don’t remember a rider who finished first in all the sessions including the warm up“.

From a human point of view how do you describe it?

“He’s cool! He is very nice, he teases you, he always has a joke ready. As a character he is top, he is the right one. He is a beautiful and very intelligent boy. I can’t find a flaw, except that he hasn’t gone from Moto3 and I’m sorry. If he had played those races, his management on Sunday would have been different, he would have had much more experience“.

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Does it remind you in some way of Fabio Quartararo?

From the sympathy point of view of the boy, who is always sunny, yes. Then they are different. Not the same type of pilot. Fabio has already shown who he really is, Fermin still has to grow, he is on the right path to become a real driver, however, it still takes some time. Fabio has lived through some difficult moments in his career and then it came out, the same thing Fermin why in 2020 he didn’t even think about racing. These things mark, like when Fabio arrived in 2018, the year before he had had a very complicated season“.

What do you expect from Fermin in this 2022?

Everything that comes is excellent. For us it’s a year of experience with him, but he’s amazing us. I am not referring only to Sunday in Argentina, but already at the weekend in Qatar. The track was unknown to him, it is difficult as a layout, and the others had already covered many kilometers. In the first round he finished fourth and qualifying in eighth place, two tenths from the first. Already there you understand that there is something special “.

In Indonesia, too, he made a name for himself.

“He went very fast: he recovered up to fifth place, then the track deteriorated and he didn’t want to make mistakes. But in FP3 he gave one second and four per second in wet conditions, these are not trivial things for a rider. I hope it continues to growwhich brings home a lot of experience and to be able to exploit it in the future“.

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Do you have an anecdote to tell me with him?

It’s so normal … He is a very quiet boy, if you don’t know he’s the pilot, he looks like a kid coming to play. Sunday morning, which started from pole position, it was hard to get him out of bedthe tension of the race did not exist“.

What did you tell him after the race on Sunday?

These are things that happen, race accidents. The races are not easy. He wasn’t even mad at Vietti. In my opinion, Vietti has a large part of the blame, but he could handle it differently. This is smart and he understands it, he didn’t even waste time getting angry and losing energy. He was really serene, from the series: “That’s how it went, I’m sorry guys”. This tranquility is a great approach to racing“.

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