EXCLUSIVE TJ – Raspadori, Puccetti speaks: “Juve style, he would play at Tevez. He has the same strength in the legs of Romario and Gerd Muller, he will continually go into double figures”

Il Progresso is not only a football club based in Castel Maggiore, in the province of Bologna, but also the gradual transformation that Juventus will want to make starting next year. The goal of the Juventus club will be to focus even more on young people, because it is from there that we will have to start again to try to reopen the cycle of victories. Our editorial team contacted the manager exclusively Guido Puccetti who met Giacomo Raspadori – recently joined to Juventus – during his experience in Emilia:

If I mention Giacomo Raspadori, who comes to your mind?

“I think back to that ten-year-old boy who already enchanted on the playing fields. Gianni Soli, with whom I had established a very good relationship and who in the meantime had become the head of the Sassuolo youth sector, had started to follow three or four young people between which Giacomo’s brother, Enrico, three years older. I, however, called Soli and told him to come and follow those of 2000. Because among them there was a good talent “.

Let’s guess who it’s talking about? Giacomo Raspadori?

“Exactly, just him. Among other things, Bologna had also spotted him, but they were more interested in his brother Enrico. Sassuolo, on the other hand, decided to bet on both in order to convince the family as well. It was 2010, Giacomo was under age in our chicks and he was on a team with Federico Ravaglia who is on loan at Frosinone this year. They are wonderful satisfactions. “

And a decade later, what are the feelings of seeing him there in Serie A with the Sassuolo shirt?

“For me it is a source of pride, sometimes he comes to train alone in our sports center. Our youth sector is important and thriving, there are many players located between B and C but few have reached A. We consider ourselves lucky because Ravaglia and Raspadori played together, plus the latter became European champion with Italy. He is from a good family, until recently his mother worked here with us, the boy fully reflects those which are the principles instilled by his parents. And if he should go to Juventus … “.

Here she introduces me to the topic: what if she should go to Juventus?

“With us Bolognese there is not a great relationship, but who cares (he smiles). It would be a dream to see him in black and white.”

Will he go to Juventus to replace Dybala?

“Replacing the number ten Dybala with Giacomo Raspadori from Castel Maggiore, well that would be a lot of stuff. Even if they are two different players.”

So would you see him well in black and white?

“It would be a very important growth path, then I would like to see him with his friend Locatelli. Juve would need a player with a low center of gravity, with strength in his legs, because in the meter and a half he is capable of leaving you there and killing you.”

Does he have the Juve style?

“Yes, he’s a nice guy with his head on his shoulders. Giacomo perfectly embodies the Juve style, what the lawyer once wanted. He has no shackles on his head, no piercings or tattoos, he always thinks about football and , as I said, he comes from a splendid family “.

What role would he play in Juventus?

“At Sassuolo he often starts from the left, Scamacca plays in the middle and Berardi is on the right. He is a very flexible player, so he could easily play the central striker or start in tandem with Vlahovic. He could do a little bit what Tevez did in the Juve, in the sense that he started from the outside and then concentrated himself to finish in the goal. “

So Adani’s is not just an uncomfortable comparison?

“He remembers him a lot, even though the Argentine was a more technical player. But he’s not the only one, Romario and Gerd Muller also had a low center of gravity with great strength in their legs.”

Will he be the Italian forward for the next ten years?

“Yes, he hasn’t fully exploded yet. He has these swerves in the penalty area, he’s smart, able to read the situation well. He’ll become an important player, he’ll make his way. I’m sure of that. If he can find a club that can give him trust, it will continually go into double digits “.

Thanks to Guido Puccetti for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.

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