F1 2022: the budget cap claims the first victims …

F1 – The introduction of the budget Postal Code has changed the Formula One more than you can imagine. More than the facade actually says. The expense constraint imposed by the regulation pushes teams to behave more prudently not only in the research and development of cars or in the management of the global activities necessary to make a given reality work, but also in the production of spare parts to be kept ready for the needs that gradually arise.

The accident that Mick Schumacher had during the qualifying of the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia they cost a lot not only to the pilot but also to the Haas. An intangible price given by the non-participation in the tender resulting in the inability to collect potential points; actual costs as regards the expenses necessary to rebuild a car that was destroyed beyond recovery in many parts. From rough estimates, the damage would amount to around one million dollars. A monstrous figure if you think that 145 million must be enough for a whole year.

Mick Schumacher’s car after the accident in Jeddah 2022

The ocean trip certainly did not help the team from Faenza who, packed up the equipment after the excellent GP played by Kevin Magnussenthe umpteenth of this 2022, has flown directly to Melbourne. FromItaly not enough pieces arrived to set up a new car and then the Italian-American team will be forced to face the Albert Park appointment with only two cars.

A choice also dictated by the developments in the pipeline that would have made the aerodynamic parts to build obsolete, at this point, to compete in a few races. A useless waste when the ax of the spending review hangs over the heads of executives.

Needs that meet the opportunity. Gunther Steiner, team principal from the Haashonestly admitted that spare parts are missing: “We don’t have an abundance of pieces. So we sent the car back in Europe in order to have it ready for Imola“. A car that had to travel around the world as it traveled as far as customs formalities to Australia with the rest of the material to then start again at a time of Faenza. Logistic costs that are added to the costs of repairs. Single-seater which, among other things, is still “on its way” while this article is being packaged.

Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher, Haas F1

Obviously this situation could affect the two drivers who will not be asked to lift their foot underperforming. We are in F1that is in the maximum expression of motorsport, and to expect that you drive with the slingbar is pure utopia. Drivers are naturally competitive and do not intend to bite the brake where it is not necessary. Clearly it is Schumacher that Magnussen they are well aware that even a minor bang could have far more serious consequences that can even lead to non-start in the Sunday race.

The new layout from Melbourne it doesn’t help in that sense. The walls remain close together, the average speed of travel will increase for the whole series of changes made to the track. It is useless to deny that the stable of Gene Haas it will also take a bit of luck to stay away from potentially problematic situations.

It will therefore be necessary to approach the track with more respect and with the awareness that a not well thought out gamble can amplify the problems. An undesirable situation given that the VF-22 is a car born particularly well that can, as happened to Jeddahtake advantage of the difficulties of others to put other precious points in the game bag.

F1-Author: Diego Catalano@ diegocat1977

Photo: F1Haas

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