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The new Team Principal Aston Martin gave an interview to the team’s official website

Mike Crack officially began his work as Team Principal of the Aston Martin team this week and explained, in an interview posted on Aston Martin’s official website, how he plans to help the team grow and compete in the top positions on the grid in the next years.

“We have a five-year plan and the infrastructure change here is tremendous. Ours is the first F1 venue to be built in around two decades and this clearly demonstrates the ambition that Lawrence and the team have. The five-year plan has all the structures needed to be successful, we are progressing on our journey. “

The new Aston Martin team principal compared the English team to the situation he experienced at BMW-Sauber, in the period in which he also worked as an engineer alongside Sebastian Vettel in 2006 and 2007 and explained what drove him to accept this new challenge.

“When I looked at the Team at Silverstone, I saw a similar situation to BMW-Sauber. We had some good performance and then a great partner (BMW) came along and suddenly you have all the chances you never had before. We have something similar here and that’s what attracted me. “

Formula 1 is super attractive. I couldn’t be on any better team than this with all the new challenges and possibilities so I feel extremely privileged.

There is pressure, but we need to turn it into positive pressure. You can’t win from the start so it’s a huge challenge, but at the same time it’s also a great opportunity. But with the Aston Martin brand we have all the ingredients to be successful. “

Crack underlines how fundamental teamwork is, an element on which he will focus more:

“I create teams that work well together. It’s not a five-minute job. You can put brilliant individuals on a team who don’t work well together. It is more about teamwork than individuals. It’s a subtle balance between having good people but making sure they also work well together. The team is everything. In F1 we ​​have a huge staff and we must all have the same goal, not just the team in the race, but all the people involved ”.

It takes the right spirit and behavior. This has helped me in the past and my engineering background has allowed me to understand well what happens so you can focus on the right areas. You have to approach work in a humble way. You need to understand how the team is working.

The approach that the new team principal wants to adopt is not a complete break with the past. Indeed, the starting point is precisely the working method adopted so far which can be perfected, without resorting to major changes, because the flexible structure of the team is an advantage in view of the future.

“It is important to find the strength of the team and improve some weaknesses. I have had a lot of discussions with individuals, team leaders and department heads to understand how the team works and how it is managed. It would be crazy to get here someday and turn anything upside down and rearrange it. This is why I have a conservative approach: learn as much as possible and then implement my philosophy. Motivation comes by itself and the people here are motivated. It’s just a matter of channeling it correctly.

Five-year plans don’t always lead to success. There can only be one winner after all. But we have a flexible and simple structure with a lot of experience, so we can make decisions very quickly. This is an advantage that not all teams have. At this point we have everything we need but we have to make the right decisions moving forward. “

Mike Crack’s and the entire Silverstone team’s goal for the 2022 season is clear:

“We have to have a competitive car, this is the key. We must concentrate all our efforts on making the car as fast as possible and developing it in the fastest time possible. If we can do this we will be in a good position at the end of the year. We also have to respect the other teams because the level of competition is very high. “

Image: Aston Martin

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