F1 – Budget cap 2022: exceptions in exceptional circumstances

The first two appointments of the world championship of F1 2022 have certainly not disappointed the expectations of fan who, in the wake of the adrenaline-pumping final of last season, wanted to see more action on the track and a reshuffling of the hierarchies between team thanks to the new technical regulation of the new ground effect racing cars.

One of the potential success factors does not concern the track but the careful management of economic resources within the budget capthat is the maximum spending limit imposed by FIA equal to 140 million dollars. It is evident how i team that have interpreted the technical revolution imposed by the new regulations in the best possible way have a greater chance of producing more evolutionary developments, unlike the stables whose first up-date they will be aimed at modifying the shortcomings of the respective single-seaters.

In this complex balance between limited economic availability and the need to release greater performance, the unforeseen events due to poor reliability and driving errors can significantly reduce the development program of the single-seaters. The terrible crash of Mick Schumacher at over 240 km / h against the barriers of the runway Jeddah for example, fortunately bloodless for the pilot of the Haasstrongly highlighted the criticality of the factor budget Postal Code.

Mick Schumacher’s car after the accident in Jeddah 2022

According to what was stated by Günther Steiner, team principal from the Haasthe chassis of the car would seem intact and the first checks by the Ferrari on power unit and battery pack would not have shown substantial damage. The good news ends here, however, given that the rest of the car is to be “thrown away” and consequently the bill is very high for the US team’s coffers: it is quantified between 500 thousand / 1 million dollars.

The South Tyrolean has specified that in the economic plan drawn up at the beginning of the year there is a management reserve which is a component of the budget of costs used to manage all those situations on which it was not possible to analytically evaluate the matter in the planning phase.

In connection with the incident of Mick SchumacherIt is also interesting to report a statement from the team principal Mercedes Toto Wolff. The Austrian reveals the possibility granted by FIA to replace the frame of a single-seater if it is irreparably damaged, all without burdening the roof costs.

This derogation would be rather unique and opposed by some teams such as McLaren which, a Januarythrough the declarations of the CEO Zack Brownhad revealed that a couple of teams were trying to raise the roof of the budget cup for the huge damage suffered in the first round of Great Awards of 2021.

The mind can only fly to the nefarious departure of Hungary 2021where the reckless maneuvers of Bottas And Stroll both pilots were very expensive Red Bull and to Ferrari Of Leclerc. Knowing the strategic skill of Toto Wolffthe words spent for Haas do not appear a charitable hand extended towards a team with limited resources, but the expression of a need to be able to derogate from the budget Postal Code in the presence of exceptional circumstances.

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes AMG F1 W12) and Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B) in the moments following the crash at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2021 edition

Financial efficiency translates into performancee three million euros saved thanks to a careful management of costs, consequently, it allows to realize an evolutionary step more. In this scenario, it is more than evident that the regulatory body must be able to meticulously control every expense reported within the limit of budget Postal Codeand at the same time pay close attention to “non-F1 activities”, ie the activities carried out by team personnel not directly related to the program F1.

The hope of all fans is that the budget cap is not for the top category of motorsport what the fair play financial represents an ethically correct rule for football, but full of pitfalls and gray areas that in fact do not allow full compliance with the rules …

F1-Author: Roberto Cecere – @robertofunoat

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