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There cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix following the invasion of Ukraine, it reduced the number of races scheduled for the current F1 season to 22. Lots of them, but obviously not enough for Liberty Media, which reiterated its intention of staging the original calendar of 23 competitions! Therefore it is necessary to find aalternative at the Sochi appointment. That’s exactly what is being discussed behind the scenes these days. At the moment the hypothesis on the table would be three.

The first, and most fascinating, is represented by a double header to Singapore. The iconographic night test in the Asian city-state was canceled both in 2020 and in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic, nevertheless everything suggests that next October 2nd we can return to racing in the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The idea would therefore be to show up in Singapore a week in advance (on the 9th there is the Japanese GP), but changing the times of the extra race. Instead of starting directly in the dark, you could shoot with the sun setting, then a couple of hours earlier than usual. A situation similar to the usual one in Abu Dhabi would be generated, where it starts with natural light and closes at night.

The double date in Marina Bay, however, is only one of the options that are being studied. The first alternative would be to go back to running Qatar. The Lusail track hosted Formula One for the first time last year, serving as a make-up for the Australian GP. The Emirate then secured a contract to organize a tender starting in 2023, but it has not been placed on the calendar in 2022. At least for the moment. Don’t forget how i World Cup this year they will be held in the Middle Eastern country. So also having a Formula One GP a few weeks before the ball event would represent an advertising flywheel for the Qatari authorities. Finally, the third and final hypothesis would be that of return to Bahraindusting off the very fast and very short Sakhir Outer Circuit seen at the end of 2020.

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As you can see, all the options are Asian, but it could not be otherwise for logistical reasons. If you want to retrieve the event, you have to do it on September 25th, there are no alternatives. The calendar for the second half of the season is already saturated and the three free weekends (18 September, 16 October, 6 November) are necessary to breathe between sequences of two or three consecutive races!

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