F1 – Ferrari favored in the development of the 2022 single-seater? Unfounded “accusation” …

The team principal of F1 Mattia Binotto was at the helm of a sensational start to the season Ferrari: based on the nefarious assumptions of recent years, that Cavallino Rampant now seen rather as a lame quadruped, today it has finally returned to being talked about in better, but above all optimistic and hopeful terms.

In fact, based on purely mathematical data, the first two world events have yielded to Red 78 points out of the 88 possible total: a significant success of which Binotto can only be satisfied. And also having earned them by being able to witness a heated battle with the current world champion in office, must certainly have contributed to increasing their value and charm.

In short… a really promising start to the world championship. A wave of optimism that affects not only both drivers but the team itself: this is why, despite his imperturbable Swiss streak, Binottoin Bahrain decided to be on the podium during the awards ceremony. His presence was an indication of the participation of the whole teamas representing every sector that working hard has contributed to the achievement of this great first result.

Mattia Binotto, team principal of the historic Scuderia Ferrari

And also the return trip to Maranello for the delivery of the trophies was a further moment of satisfaction, because seeing the joy painted on the faces of all those who work behind this project was undoubtedly another great reward.

In short, this beautiful winning atmosphere had not been perceived in the home for several years Ferrariand it is inevitable that when one thinks in these terms and with these sensations, the thought always goes to the time Schumacher: undoubtedly one of the longest and most triumphal eras in the history of this sport.

And by the way Mattiawhich is in Ferrari as an engine engineer since 1995, he experienced firsthand those years that he describes as great and of which he retains excellent memories, especially since Kaiser he was able to learn a lot, such as the right attitude to be leader.

Mattia Binotto and Michael Schumacher, Scuderia Ferrari

So what we are experiencing looks like a promising present that honors the glorious past of one of the teams that has been present since the first appointment in the distant 1950. And the Leitmotiv #BeFerrari aims precisely at this: to represent the identity of the most successful and long-lasting team in the history of F1not only for what it was, but also for what it can be.

Especially on the basis of what is currently achieved: Binotto in fact he declares to be well aware of the valid preparation carried out in view of this world championship, but at the same time he also admits that he was not well aware of the actual value until it was possible to verify it directly in the race; also because he is keen to emphasize the fact that there are strong opponents, and that indeed he still continues to consider the Red Bull F1.

However, for the moment there is room mainly for the satisfaction of what we have achieved together, but we will also have to deal with the development in the second part of the long championship, although at the moment the car seems solid and reliable.

the standard bearers of the red car Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari), in action during the first run in Jeddah

And in this regard, to those who claim that the team Ferrari was favored as the first top team to start developing the car, he replies that it is only an unfounded accusation, as all the teams have also been allowed to analyze wind tunnel data and simulations only starting from January 1st 2021 and therefore, like everyone else, he worked according to these directives.

The only detail perhaps is to have focused more on 2022, but this does not mean that we started from a different point than all the other teams; and above all, he maintains that this is a project that has been in-depth for years and not only recently, and on which, among other things, we can (and must) still improve.

In short, the lucid calmness of Mattia Binotto and the enthusiasm of the drivers together with the careful work of the team, seem to have made it F1-75 one of the cars that has already marked a turning point in the history of the team Ferrari.

F1-Author: Silvia Napoletano @silviafunoat

Photo: F1, Scuderia Ferrari

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