F1, GP in Las Vegas from 2023. The news

F1 has announced a new Grand Prix. From the 2023 World Cup there will be three races that will be held in the United States of America: after Austin and Miami, Las Vegas also arrives. Ceo Domenicali: “Incredible moment for this sport”. It will run at night. Meanwhile, on April 10, the Australian GP will be back on track: live Sky Sport F1 (channel 207)


After Austin And You love mewhich will debut next May, the calendar from the Formula 1 sees the entrance of a third Grand Prix in the United States: from the 2023in fact, it will also run a Las Vegas (Nevada). It will run at night.

The Las Vegas circuit map

What will the track be like?

The track will be 6.12 km long with maximum speeds estimated at over 342 Km / h. There will be 50 race laps with three main straightsie 14 curvesincluding a sequence of high-speed corners and a single section of chicane.

When will the Las Vegas GP take place?

The race will take place of nighta Saturday in Novemberon the famous Las Vegas Strip, with the track running through some of the most legendary monuments, hotels and casinos in the world. The Incredible Las Vegas neon lights will provide the backdrop at the third Formula 1 race in the United States to reiterate, the official statement reads, “the great enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the US for Formula 1 as this sport continues to grow its fan base globally”.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO F1

“This is an incredible time for Formula 1 and demonstrates the enormous appeal and growth of our sport with a third race in the US. Las Vegas is a destination known worldwide for hospitality, excitement and of course. , the famous Strip. There is no better place to race Formula 1 than in entertainment capital of the world and we can’t wait to be here next year. I want to thank everyone who helped bring this event together, especially Governor Sisolak, the Clark County Commission, Steve Hill for LVCVA and our local partners. “


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