F1 GP Saudi Arabia 2022: Terruzzi’s report cards

Also this year my report cards double: on Sunday, immediately after the race, in text format, and then in a new audio format. Save the article as a favorite so you don’t lose it! And if you too want to give a vote to the Formula 1 drivers, write the report card of a driver of your choice in the comments on my Facebook page using the hashtag #pagelleterruzzi: the most beautiful will be included in the next report cards!

The audio report of the Saudi Arabian GP 2022:

Here are my report cards from the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian GP held in Jeddah:

Rated 10 to Verstappen and Leclerc. It’s official: we have a new pair of fighters. Who do not take turns and do not give up. Who shoot for 50 laps as in the lap that is worth the pole. On the day when Hamilton really chews bitter, a first glimpse of a generational change. Two races, two duels, two great films. Leclerc, in my opinion, more shrewd; Verstappen more stubborn. And he gets a less, less less because he leads her too much over the radio. Come on, Max, there’s no need to call Mom.

Rated 9 to Mick. As an old romantic, as an elderly father, I feared and then breathed for a horrible accident and bad treatment of images and news. The boy made a mistake, maybe he has some growth problems but he holds a place in my heart. You can imagine the reasons and I apologize for certain weaknesses.

For Sergio Perez a positive weekend but a little … “mangled”

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Rated 8 to Perez. I take back some very severe judgments. Bravo Ciccio. A pole to remember for a lifetime, a somewhat mangled race. Now it is a question of confirming the shamble, otherwise I will go back to firing on the Mexican Red Cross. If you have the body, you have to train it, right?

Grade 7 to Russell. In the weekend of the collapse of Hamilton, in the midst of Mercedes troubles, he saves himself in a big way, at least if we consider the direct comparisons. I guess he just couldn’t do more. Which, given the responsibility, is big stuff.

Rated 6 to Magnussen. It’s up to applaud the Magico Alverman for the second time out of two. Would you ever have said that? The no. What has Kevin eaten over the years? It is not known. Of lichens, miraculous leaves. Mah Anyway, nothing to say. On the piece. Despite the barrel, it always has a good wax, as from a very old Carosello.

Grade 5 to Ocon. To go fast, go. But she has a pumpkin that is not convincing. A senseless fight against Alonso. He is not new to boarding a bit useless and alas, he does not lose the vice. Alpine gave him a three-year contract, not even Jim Clark. Mysteries of life and the paddock.

Grade 4 to Hamilton. The king has no great faults but someone like that can’t abdicate by pretending that nothing has happened … More tone, Lewis, more anger, come on. Convinced as we are that the time of sunset is far away. The vote, therefore, is worth encouragement. Out of respect, at the very least.

Rated 3 to Latifi. Whenever he commits himself, he sends out half F1 strategies. At a good moment, he gets tired of going around in circles and takes a random wall, like this, just to move Sunday. Of the others above all. The real F1 director. To be transferred to a nice cabin, so we’re good to go.

Grade 2 in Jeddah. Guys, an anxious track at the top. A bad stuff, even after a good race. The show is okay but sending the brushes, the shards-pickers, the trucks on the track, every time is a pizza. And then too dangerous. Too much. Without escape routes because, as you know, they don’t have any space over there. Oh mom!

1 vote in Jeddah. Allow me to make a serious observation. Don’t we have enough of tension and horrors? Here you are. The fact that a sporting event, bringer of joy, must take place in a threatened place, frankly, makes no sense. Point.

Rating 0 to the FIA. If Masi had been in the running direction, they would have stoned him behind an intact oil well in the night. A change of pace? But it goes there. Here we go again. When the going gets tough, the referee loses the trebizond. A classic.

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