F1 – Hamilton – Russell: a film already seen?

F1 – They study, smell like predators do when their comfort zone is threatened by a rival. Then, in relation to the extent of the danger, they decide whether to let go or pull out their claws to attack. In Formula 1 when dominant predators start sending signals, sometimes subliminal, something is probably about to change in the hierarchies.

In the ring of the post-race interviews of the Australian grand prixthe hepta-champion of the world, usually generous with praise for the performances of his colleagues, Valtteri Bottas can amply confirm, he declared that he preferred to lift his foot for an engine warm-up, which is why he gave up on undermining the team mate by returning to the sender the alleged superiority of the young teammate of King’s Lynn.

George Russell on the catwalk after finishing third in the 2022 Australian GP

The current competitiveness of the W13 justifies prudent behavior on the track, aimed at maximizing the overall result of the team, which has one of its few strengths precisely in the reliability of the vehicle.

It is in the nature of the things that the hiring of Russell represent for Mercedes, the opportunity to manage the future retirement of King Lewis by ensuring the performances of one of the most talented drivers of the next-generation.

It is equally clear that the transition phase, which had just begun, would have been much less painless if it had Mercedes had developed a winning project, able to definitively consecrate the Anglo-Caribbean as the greatest of all time, at least in the almanacs, and allow the young squire to reach the competitive maturity necessary to conquer the first stage victories.

George Russell just before crossing the finish line of the 2022 Australian GP for his first podium in Mercedes

At the moment the W13 is not a worthy heir of the previous silver arrows to the point of optimizing the performance deficit through a strategy devoted to collectivism instead of individualism, although it is supported by a bulletin board, that of Lewisfull of trophies and titles.

In the recent past, this physiological dynamic has exploded in the home Ferrari with the arrival of Charles Leclerc alongside the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettelwho had not yet disposed of the dross of a very promising 2018 season but inexorably compromised by several mistakes on the part of the German.

The young man Charles had shown up in the lower categories, consecutively seizing the title of F3 and F2, just like Russell …, and then landed, in 2018, in F1 in the team Alfa Romeo.

The debut of the young Monegasque was so convincing, in terms of speed and maturity, that it opened the doors of Maranello alongside Seb.

There SF90 it was not a single-seater capable of rivaling the Mercedesand the established hierarchies firmly supported by Binottoat least in words, during the early stages of the season they began to falter under the blows of the talent and performance provided by Leclerc.

Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel (Scuderia Ferrari) exchange helmets at the end of the 2020 season. The German will leave a very nice dedication to his now former teammate on the occasion.

Transition management at home Ferrarivery painful for Heppenheim’s multiple world champion, does not necessarily imply that the same dynamics can occur in the Mercedes house due to the simple transitive property.

However, the commonality of various factors does not a priori exclude the possibility of seeing a film that has already been seen.

Hamilton is a rider certainly worn out in the psyche from last season’s grueling duel with Max Verstappen and by the controversial modalities that deprived him of the eighth rainbow crown right on the woolen thread.

The performance of his car in this start of the season does not fuel the ambition of one of the greatest racing cannibals of all time, amplifying the frustration of those who know they have nothing more to prove to the world than to satisfy their thirst for victory. .

In a nutshell, for Hamilton in this phase of the career there is no other result than the victory, the rest are unacceptable crumbs, unlike the team mate who, after three years of training in Williamsfor those crumbs he is willing to do anything.

And then there is the freshness and lightness of the emerging talent that has always fascinated insiders, since team principal up to the last of the mechanics, an effect of which it really benefited Lewis bewitching the Team McLaren in his debut year and driving the reigning world champion and teammate crazy Fernando Alonso first guide designated at the starting line of the 2007 season.

George Russell visibly moved after the podium obtained in the Australian GP 2022

As demonstrated throughout his brilliant career, a Lewis all the mitigating circumstances of the case must be granted and if the Mercedes will be able to at least partially fill the gap up Ferrari and Red Bull could be the most important career season regardless of the title race.

Perhaps the last real milestone of Lewis is to be universally considered the “King” even without a crown. If the champion of Stevenage he will understand the importance of being the greatest beyond victories, we will see the best expression of his talent.

F1-Author: Roberto Cecere@robertofunoat

Photo: F1, Mercedes AMG F1, Scuderia Ferrari

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