F1, imitates Daniel Ricciardo and drinks from the shoe: an uproar happens

In Australia Daniel Ricciardo collected the first points of the season. McLaren seemed to be on the upswing and that drove local fans and even a well-known figure to the general public crazy with joy.

The Australian Grand Prix did not disappoint the expectations of Daniel Ricciardo’s fans. After the fourteenth place in Bahrain and the retirement in Saudi Arabia, the first six points for “the honey badger” arrived. The weekend for McLaren started with optimism for the pace found in the free practice sessions and the good qualifying. The fifth and sixth place of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo in the race represents great news for the Woking team.

Daniel Ricciardo Scarpa (Ansa Photo)

On the Albert Park track, the English car proved to be the fourth force, behind Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. The McLaren MCL36 has many limitations, but developments could make it a points car. The wing car project did not go according to plan, after years of waiting for the regulation change. In 2021 the English team competed steadily for the noble positions of the ranking, battling with Scuderia Ferrari for the third step of the podium in the team rankings.

Daniel Ricciardo is an optimist by nature and has no intention of giving up now. He has always thrown his heart over the obstacle, with the hope of reaching podiums and returning to the fight for victories and world championships. Opponents appear to have made positive choices over the years. The former teammate, Max Verstappen, has been crowned world champion with Red Bull Racing and many young men have appeared at the highest level after the glorious years of Hamilton.

At almost thirty-three, watching the two born in 1997, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, challenge each other for the first position certainly cannot make him jump for joy. Red Bull is his former family and Ferrari is the team he would have longed to race for. In his Australia, the Red made a big voice, winning the race with merit. The Cavallino dominates, in the constructors’ ranking, at 104 points, ahead of Mercedes at 65 and Red Bull Racing at 55. McLaren is in fourth place, but only 24 points.

The Daniel Ricciardo-style shoey

The Woking team at least returned to a positive position, ie ahead of Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Haas. McLaren team principal Andrea Seidl told the media: “Obviously we are very satisfied with the result of the race. We finished in fifth and sixth position, we scored 18 points overall and returned to fourth place in the Constructors’ classification. It is a good step forward compared to last weekend in Jeddah“.

The Perth native on Sky commented: “In the first part of the race I thought we were able to fight with Mercedes, but then as the race progressed we realized that it was not possible. I was told that Lando was having problems, the team said not to risk it. Obviously being in the Top 10 is very positive“. McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo fans flocked to Melbourne’s Albert Park to watch the home idol’s first race in the English car. The GP had been canceled in the last two editions and the fans were unable to attend the legendary shoey.

The act of drinking from a shoe is historically recognized as a wish for good luck or as an act of initiation. By the early twentieth century, drinking champagne from a ballerina’s slipper had become a metaphor for decadence. Drinking beer from a person’s shoe is a common ritual at parties and events in Australia, where it is better known as shoey. In Formula 1 the act became famous thanks to Daniel Ricciardo’s discovery on the podium.

While the Fox Sports News reporter, Drew Joneshe was giving a live speech talking about the great anticipation of the public for the Australian Grand Prix, a boy came out in front of the camera with a shoe and a can of beer in his hand.

I love Daniel Ricciardo“, Announced the stranger as he poured alcohol into his sneaker. Jones stepped aside and added: “Well, we have to let that happen“. The boy drank from the shoe and then served the reporter the drink. Drew Jones didn’t hold back and drank Australian style. The boy will not have been disappointed with Daniel’s result because he had his best race of the season. Melbourne saw a record full house, making it the largest sporting event in the country’s history. Breaking the record of 400,000 spectators (with a total of 421,000 people) set in the United States Grand Prix last year.

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