F1 – Paragraph 37.5 of the sporting code: why was Perez pardoned by the race director?

F1. Several episodes analyzed by the commissioners in this third race of the season. Certainly, the most important one sees involved Sergio Perez, guilty of not having respected the yellow flag in qualifying. But let’s analyze it all.

Let’s start right from here. The Mexican of the Red Bull was investigated for violating the yellow flag regime during qualifying, which would be an infringement of the international sporting code and del Race Directorbut was not sanctioned.

The pilot was summoned by the commissioners at the end of the session who, analyzing the telemetry, found that in curve 11 (the one affected by the danger) Perez he raised his foot to 70 meters and braked at 50 meters, covering the same with 14 km / h less than in previous laps. It is therefore clear that there has been a slowdown, so it is right not to apply any sanctions.

But let’s take a step back, to free practice, and look at the impediments. As we have seen in the previous episodes of the Bahrain andSaudi Arabiathis year the stewards are paying particular attention to episodes of this type even on Fridays and on a city route such as that of Melbourne, several cases have been reviewed. However only Sainz And Tsunoda have been sanctioned for violating the article 37.5 of the sporting regulations

sports code paragraph 37.5

As for the Spaniard, the impediment was created against Zhou during Fp1. The Japanese ofAlpha Tauriinstead, it was a hindrance to the same Sainz during the second session on Friday. In both cases, one was inflicted reprimandabsolutely in line with the other cases of the past.

A curious episode, then, he saw involved Sebastian Vettel at the end of free practice 1. The German, after having stopped on the track due to a problem with the power unit, waited for the end of the session, then returned to the box passing the circuit using a scooter. It’s a violation of the article 26.7 of the sporting regulations

sports code paragraph 26.7

After the end of each activity on the track, for the next 5 minutes, it is expressly forbidden to enter the track without authorization. The German, on the other hand, instead of being accompanied to the garage by a track commissioner through the internal streets, decided to go it alone. His action, however, meant that they were imposed on him € 5,000 of fine.

We continue with the qualification. In Q1 we saw an accident between Stroll and Latifi. The pilot Aston Martin was sanctioned with 3 penalty positions in gray + 2 driving license points for causing it. It is a violation of the international sporting code.

In detail, the pilot Williamslet the opponent pass immediately after turn 4. However, Stroll he did not accelerate and remained in the center of the track. Latifitherefore, he decided to recover his position by overtaking his compatriot on the right, but at the same time, also the driver Aston Martin he moved to the same side to follow the track which turns slightly that way. However, considering that the contact took place between the rear tire of Latifi and the anterior one of Strollit is quite clear that the latter is to blame for not paying enough attention.

Always during the qualification, at the end of the first part, Albon he stopped on the track with an apparent technical problem. In reality, at the time of the checks, it was discovered that his car had run out of fuel: it was in fact possible to withdraw only 0.33L. This is a violation of the article 6.5.2 of the technical regulation.

technical code paragraphs 6.5.1 – 6.5.2

It is expressly provided that the quantity of 1 liter from the tank can be extracted from a car. In this case it was not possible, therefore, since it was a technical infringement, the commissioners (while acknowledging that the whole did not generate any advantage) exclusion from the results of the session.

But that’s not all: some drivers, including the poleman, have been called up by the commissioners for driving too slowly for no reason in a lap back to the pits. It’s a violation of the article 33.4 of the sporting regulations

sports code 33.3 – 33.4

A distinction must be made: Leclerc and Zhou they were not sanctioned, as theirs had to be a cool down lap (which is not subject to time limits). It then turned into a return to the pits, but the commissioners understood the drivers’ intention not to be in the way of those who were recording a timed lap. Tsunodainstead, he did the same when there was no traffic, so one was imposed on him reprimand.
The Japanese would do well to pay more attention from now on: he is already in the third and fifth place 10 penalty positions …

We conclude with the tender: Stroll received a penalty of 5 seconds + 1 driving license point for making waves on the straight. It is a violation of the international sporting code.

During an attempt to defend against the attack of Bottas on the straight, he moved to the right and then resumed the race line. So far everything was fine, but then it moved a second time to the right, which is not allowed. As said for Tsunoda first, he too will do well to change his attitude: he already has 8 points on his driving license; at 12 the disqualification race starts …

Finally we see the episode that involved Tsunoda, Gasly and Schumacher during the safety car. All three drivers, as a result of the pace they were tending on the straight, risked a collision. It could be a violation of the article 55.5 of the sporting regulations.

sporting regulations 55.5 – 55.6

Listening to the pilots and analyzing the images, it became clear that no one was deliberately having a dangerous pace for the others. However, accelerating and decelerating to keep the tires warm created a dangerous situation, as the cars found themselves very close. The stewards have therefore decided not to impose any sanctions, but are recommended to discuss these procedures in future meetings between pilots.

F1-Author: Alessandro Rana – @ AleRanaF1

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