F1 – Red Bull RB18 vs Ferrari F1-75: different projects that will be the same in Melbourne

F1 – now the expected Australian weekend is less and less: after two years of forced stop due to the health emergency, it will be exciting to return to Melbourne, in what once represented the “first day of school” of the season F1.

Although I previously said that in reality we will have to wait for a more fierce and renewed fight between the two forces on the grid currently protagonists. Imola (for updates that Red Bull will prepare on the RB18), it is clear that even theAlbert Park Circuit will be able to give us big surprises. Especially considering the fact that we will find it in a completely renewed guise.

In fact, there are many changes that have covered the track in these years of absence, so with a new one layout and of the completely revolutionized cars compared to those that last time beaten that asphalt, I would say that the conditions for the challenge are indisputably promising.

The DRS zones of the Melbourne GP 2022

Starting from the very beginning, the main change was the widening of curve 1: always a “traditional funnel”, theater of the most disparate crashto date its surface increase to 2.5 meters will allow the passage of two cars simultaneously, thus allowing all drivers to find an alternative to the only possible trajectory of the past.

And in this wake, many other changes in terms of expansion have been made along the track: in fact, it also includes curve 3 (currently 4 meters), curve 13, and even the pitlanewhich gained a further 2 meters (coming to border directly with the track, without any kind of separation between the wall and the asphalt).

On the basis of these changes, turns 6/7/8 have also been speeded up: in this case the last two, through which the drivers will have the possibility to maximize the car to reach the entrance of the third sector by force (considering here the absence of the chicane in curve 9/10).

rear view of Mercedes W13 “B”

A fast circuit, therefore, also seasoned with the addition of further DRS areas: in fact, to those already existing on the straight and immediately after, between curve 2/3, two others have also been added in the second sector (between curve 8/9 ) and in the third (between curve 10/11). Are we happy with it ?! Personally I don’t know, the DRS is always a double-edged sword. However, it is clear that this year is an F1 that wants to be talked about again and to do this you have to put on a show, so why not ?!

And such a show at the moment would seem mainly offered by the young world champion in office, Max Verstappen, and by the Monegasque currently in the lead in the standings, Charles Leclerc. In this regard it is the engineer himself Ferrari, David Sanchezto point out how extraordinary it is that two cars which are so diametrically different in terms of design, are not so much so in terms of competitiveness.

While of the circuit itself, he affirms that it will undoubtedly be interesting to analyze the behavior of these revolutionary cars on this renewed track: precisely due to its conformation, a high level of aerodynamic efficiency will be required (and also, given the variety of fast / slow corners interspersed with long straights, it will also be necessary to have excellent traction and preferably medium load).

David Sanchez, Scuderia Ferrari

Another parameter to keep under control is certainly the management of the tires: this year in fact, a problem never registered before emerged: the porpoising (that is, the car hopping caused by the ground effect: generating downforce with the passage of air under the car, often the bottom gets so close to the asphalt as to block this passage, causing a sudden loss of load which causes the jerk car).

If on the one hand there are several stables that have suffered badly this phenomenon, on the other hand there are Scuderia Ferrari instead it would seem to have everything under control: in fact, it still is Sanchez to reassure the fans of the Cavallinostating that the team has done an excellent job of managing and resolving this problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Photo: F1, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes AMG F1

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