F1 – The “ambitions” of Lewis Hamilton

The start of the season of F1 2022, animated by an unpredictable duel, returns in the next weekend in one of the cult locations for the fan: Australia. The feeling that it was damn impossible to assist a movie which we have now learned by heart in the last eight years of domination Mercedeswas swept away by a Ferrari invigorated beyond all expectations and by the deep crisis of the three-pointed star.

The current state of form of the silver arrows inevitably forces the world champion hepta to play the unusual role of extra, in the one that in the desires of the phenomenon of Stevenage it had to be the season of revenge also against the system F1 guilty of cheating him of the world title in last season’s controversial final.

But we can consider Lewis really out of the game for the title fight? To provide a realistic answer to this question, many factors need to be considered. The seven-time world champion, in his long career, has shown that he knows how to maximize the value of competitive cars, managing to lead to victory, in individual races, even projects that are inferior to the competition as in the case of McLaren MP-24 of 2009.

Lewis Hamilton during the Hungarian Grand Prix 2009 edition

The conquest of the seven world championship laurels, by the British champion, was however supported by joint technical projects and, in several seasons, superior to the competition (and not a little). Basically, as has almost always happened in the history of Formula 1the drivers’ title is won with the single-seater of reference of the grid, a very different condition compared to the performances offered by the Mercedes in the first two rounds of the season.

From a purely technical point of view, the W13 it appears a project as futuristic as it is complex to be optimized in the short term, to the point that the team led by Toto Wolffaccording to some rumors, is seriously considering the hypothesis of developing the current car for next season

All true, but other factors need to be considered. The Anglo-Caribbean driver showed a certain aptitude to play the role of the pursuer, as for example in the 2017/2018 two-year period, confirmed, albeit with an adverse outcome, in the final of last season. The experience gained on the track makes him aware that the first part of this season will have to be managed, of course, by maximizing the final result, as he has very well demonstrated in Bahrain and in Arab land, where the unfortunate entry of the safety car with the consequent closure of the pitlane has certainly nullified a placement in top six.

Another factor that does not exclude Lewis from the fight to the title is the extra-large number of rounds of the 2022 world championship, which offers evident opportunities to those who will have a consistency of results over the 23 races of the season. Last but not least, the unknown overall reliability of the car, the only happy note of this difficult start to the station of the Anglo-German team.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

Ironically this season could be a great opportunity for Lewis, able to make its uniqueness evident, too often questioned in relation to the quality of the cars that have been entrusted to it. In curriculum Of King Lewis the year is missing which does not remain in the roll of honor, but which unequivocally demonstrates who is the best on the track despite the vehicle and not thanks to the vehicle.

To be clear in the gallery of Hamilton Missing inglorious masterpieces like the 2012 season’s Fernando Alonsothe three-year period 1996-1998 of Michael Schumacher or the incredible 1993’s Ayrton Seine. Vintages with no happy ending but which have had the merit of clearly demonstrating that champions can always make a difference through deeds imprinted in the collective imagination and that record they are not the only measure of talent.

It is useless to go around it, the victories have a specific weight, and if this season Lewis will at least be able to remain in contention for the title until round final, his image and the consideration of the sporting community will not come out enormously strengthened.

F1-Author: Roberto Cecere@robertofunoat

Photo: McLaren

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