F1, the drivers’ underwear in the sights of the FIA: “They can be flammable”

After the piercings, now it’s the turn of the panties. It is the new singular battle of the FIA, which criticizes the technical clothing of the drivers of Formula 1. The Federation’s fear is that the underwear of the protagonists of the 2022 World Cup is flammable and therefore not in accordance with the safety lines.

Two hours of meeting to decide

The race director Niels Wittich, who replaced Michael Masi, on the eve of the Australian GP, ​​told the drivers that they must wear undergarments that comply with the regulations. He did it in the same race notes that called to order those who wear jewels behind the wheel in violation of the rules, such as Lewis Hamilton. The ‘new order’ has resulted, writes the Telegraphat a two-hour meeting last Friday.

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Gasly: ​​”Free to check my rear”

During subsequent press conferences, the pilots understandably ridiculed the new directives. “If they want to control my ass, they are free – said the Frenchman Pierre Gasly of the AlphaTauri – I have nothing to hide. If this makes them happy, they are free ”. Teams say there is widespread resistance to the prospect of the FIA ​​also telling drivers what kind of underwear they can wear. A point raised during the meeting was that the drivers should have been notified before the start of the season, rather than on the eve of a GP.

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Horner: “I will not check the underwear”

“I don’t care too much about these things – the words of Fernando Alonso -. I think we need to be flexible on a couple of these things. But it’s part of the show, I suppose ”. Christian Hornerthe Red Bull team principal, said that “I will certainly not check my drivers’ underwear.” Daniel Ricciardo he reiterated: “This is the first time I’ve heard of flame retardant underwear. Of course we wear leggings, if they can be called that, but we don’t have fireproof underwear ”.


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