F1, the Sainz-Leclerc rivalry at Ferrari lights up the paddock

The results achieved by the company are comforting and very promising Ferrari in the first Grands Prix of the 2022 season, a year that in Maranello started at high gears and in a totally different way than in the past.

If last year Sainz And Leclerc they fought for third place in the constructors’ championship, this year the goals are much more ambitious both individually and collectively. For both, however, the Cavallino will soon have to clarify and decide who to entrust the ranks of leader to.

Leclerc-Sainz duel, Marko’s opinion

The question of who should be the top driver at Ferrari is also taking center stage among the other houses of the circus.

In this regard, in recent times very different opinions have been heard and, among these, one of the most remarkable was expressed by Helmut Marko.

“Last year Carlos defeated Leclerc, but this year Charles is in great shape. This means that we cannot expect help from Sainz, because it is clear that their situation is practically the same as we do, with an obvious number one inside the box, “one of the leading figures in the box told Servus TV. Red Bull.

“The fight for the title? I think we are in a good position, but we have a Ferrari that is practically at our level. And Leclerc is driving flawlessly. It will be an exciting season ”.

Leclerc-Sainz duel, Elkann’s conviction

Inside the Ferrari environment, on the other hand, rather than talking about rivalry, it was preferred to emphasize the competitiveness and the compactness revealed so far, two strengths that in the long run could be harbingers of better results than those obtained last year.

“With five podium results and third place in the constructors’ championship, the season of Formula 1 it has produced some encouraging signs, ”he wrote John Elkann in the usual letter addressed to Exor shareholders.

“The company is focused on the 2022 challenge, aware that with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, who started the season well, the Scuderia owns the best pair of drivers on the starting grid“.

World Fight, Binotto promotes Leclerc

Binotto but sooner or later, even based on the performance and the degree of reliability of both, he will have to be clear with his drivers and set priorities for the good of Ferrari. In this sense, the Red Team principal may have already given a clue with the statements issued after Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

“I believe now Leclerc is proving to be able to fight for the championship. There is no doubt that he has the talent and the skills. He is an excellent driver and we are happy that he was able to demonstrate these qualities in the first two races “said Leclerc’s class manager in 1969, explaining that it is precisely for the potential of the Monegasque that the team has decided to renew his contract, an operation that, soon, should also be done with a Carlos Sainz that in the next GPs he will do everything not to be relegated to the role of second driver.



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