F1, the secrets of Melbourne and the new Albert Park track

L’Australia prepares to welcome the Formula 1 after two years of fasting due to Covid-19. Melbourne and Albert Park, a breathtaking and very fast city track, however, do not appear as the drivers remember from the 2019 race. free, qualifying and above all in the race, after many in the past had pointed the finger at the track because it lacked any real overtaking points.

Albert Park changes, here are the changes

“You will see a different track, a new GP. The track is much smoother and will allow for many more overtaking ”. Daniel Ricciardo, a McLaren driver who was involved by the Australian organization for the track change, presented the new layout of Albert Park. Compared to the track last seen in 2019, the new Melbourne citizen will indeed be faster and more excitingwith estimated lap averages of about five seconds below the “old” track.

Among the main interventions is the repositioning of the curve 1shifted to the right by about 3.5 meters and widened. Enlarge also curves 3, 6 and 8ever faster and also affected by the DRS area.

Hard disconnects and risky brakes, the secret weapon?

As analyzed by Brembo, a company that supplies the braking systems to the F1 teams, one of the key interpretations to get the better of this track is the brake cooling system. The track, being a citizen, is not rubberized and at the beginning of the weekend it will certainly be slippery and full of pitfalls for the drivers. After being tested, it will all be a game of brakes, which will be called into question between simple corners and more demanding braking.

Classified as a GP of medium commitment on the braking system, to tell the truth there will be three braking sections that will seriously jeopardize the brakes. Curves 3, 11 and 14 are in fact those in which there will be one greater decelerationgoing from almost 300 km / h to 100. This also translates into greater wear of pads and discs that reach very high temperatures due to the increase in grip.

From controversy to confirmation: how many DRS zones

The Australian GP comes immediately after the one in Jeddah, a race in which the duel between Leclerc and Max Verstappen kept the public in suspense until the last laps. In the hours following the Arab Grand Prix, there was no shortage of criticism for the gambling moves, on the verge of danger, of the two drivers who played with each other to obtain the DRS. Reluctantly for the fans of the Reds, it was the Dutchman who, thanks to the wide open wing of the Drag Reduction System, was able to overtake the F1-75.

From the controversy over the system, which according to many could make current F1 dangerous, which is affected by the Venturi effect, time has flown to Australia and the FIA ​​has not made any decisions on the matter. So that’s what they will be at Albert Park 4 DRS areasone more than the previous Australian appointment in 2019.

The first detection point is located at the exit of curve 6 and will be used for the DRS between curve 8 and curve 9, but it will also serve for the area located between curves 10 and 11. The second is instead between curve 12 and 13, which will allow the system to be used on the straight towards the finish line and subsequently between turns 2 and 3.

Delays in the delivery of the material: weekend at risk?

After what I experienced in MotoGP, with the delayed cargo that caused the postponement of the weekend program in Argentina, F1 is also shaking. Amid the delays that transport is facing around the world, triggered by both rising costs and the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the Circus teams can however breathe a sigh of relief after fear.

In fact, a direct intervention by DHL, the official F1 partner, was needed to guarantee the paddock to have all the necessary equipment in time so as not to jeopardize the return of the cars to Australia. After delays due to a breakdown of a ship containing the cargo of three crews, DHL intercepted the material in Singapore and airlifted it to Melbourne. The cargo arrived in Australia on Monday morning and all teams had their equipment in time for the smooth running of the third round of the championship.



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