F1 – Wolff: a “tax exile” satisfied with the double zero Red Bull

One of the topics of greatest interest provided by the first two appointments of F1 is certainly the new balance of forces on the track, with a Ferrari returned to the top after two very difficult seasons and the Mercedes who, as the undisputed queen of the turbo hybrid era, is forced against her will to play the unprecedented role of third force on the field.

The controversial final of last season brought the dialectical clash between the team principal of Mercedes And Red Bull at the top of the tension. Apparently the winter just passed and the start of the new competitive season seem to have sedated the hot spirits of Christian Horner And Toto Wolffgrappling with new challenges that see their respective teams on levels of performance so different that it is difficult to re-propose the many duels on the track between Max And Lewis immediately.

Certain wounds, especially if addressed to the human and professional depth of the rival, are difficult to heal and small attitudes or phrases between the lines suggest that the hatchet was never buried on both sides. Just think of the interview released by Spice Boy to the Daily Mail on the eve of the championship, in which he described the main Austrian team as a tax exile running his own team at a distance, not really a certificate of admiration, especially from a moral point of view.

Christian Horner (Oracle Red Bull Racing)

The satisfaction of Wolff in Bahrain for the team result obtained thanks to the technical problems accused by the cars of Milton Keynes did not go unnoticed. As well as the mischievous reference to reliability as a necessary factor of competitions in post-race interviews.

And what about the gesture of Christian Horner to Jeddah which, at the end of the tight fight between Verstappen And Leclerche rushed towards the low wall of the Ferrari to pay an unusual compliment to the new rivals, suggesting, even in the declarations, a respect of a superior nature deriving from the coat of arms of the historic team of Maranello.

In this context, the words of the Christian in the Arab post-race, where he admitted that he did not feel any sentiment towards the current state of form of the silver arrows, aware that the possibility of a quick return of the world champion team to levels of absolute competitiveness is eligible.

Meanwhile, in the offices of Street of Abetonehope that respect and the fair play flaunted by the rivals of the Red Bull to Jeddah become a constant of this season and are not exclusively the son of defeats who have the honor of arms …

F1-Author: Roberto Cecere@robertofunoat

photo: Oracle Red Bull Racing

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