Ferrari F1-75: an aerodynamic concept that attracts unfounded suspicions

F1 – The newfound competitiveness of the single-seaters of the Scuderia Ferrariis the result of a Goal Setting started following the controversial secret agreement with the FIA signed in February 2020. The men of the prancing Horseaware of having lost an enormous competitive advantage in the turbo-hybrid unit sector, they decided to sacrifice the resources that can be allocated in the sports seasons of the 2020/2021 two-year period in favor of the current season which, by virtue of the technical revolution of wing carcould offer the great chance of returning to levels of absolute competitiveness.

The team Ferrari has interpreted the new technical regulation in a unique way with respect to the aerodynamic philosophies of the rivals, to the point of raising doubts about the real validity of the concept aerodynamic when the veils have fallen on all the single-seaters of the line-up. The originality of the car body with sidepods of generous dimensions and the unusual course of their upper surface, have intrigued many insiders.

Originality in the house Ferrari it has often been paid dearly, just think of the bankruptcy project of the F-92A characterized by a gap of about 15cm between the flat bottom and the body which on paper should have recreated a sort of fourth aerodynamic flow.

The iconic sidepods of the Ferrari F-92A that rise above a double bottom

The winter tests and the first two rounds of the world championship rewarded the extreme choices of the men of Maranello with performances even higher than the Team’s expectations.

When a team expresses an unexpected potential, as has often happened in the past, the paddock begins to meander rumors regarding the legality of certain solutions or having circumvented even the most insignificant regulatory aspect and given that in this case the team in question responds to the name of the Ferrari the rumors become deafening.

The obvious choice to place every ambition for glory in the 2022 season has aroused the suspicion that the Ferrar teami started evaluating several concept aerodynamic before converging on the unprecedented shapes of the F1-75.

Charles Leclerc gets into the cockpit of the Ferrari F1-75 during the Barcelona winter tests

It is necessary to remember that the FIA forced the teams to start work in the wind tunnel, relating to the single-seaters 2022, not before January last year. The clear renunciation of the Ferrari to invest especially in the technical project of the 2020could imply that the engineers of Maranello have been able to evaluate the various concept aerodynamic much earlier than the milestone of January 2021.

However, the suspicion appears instrumental as in modern F1 a fundamental role is played by advanced software CFD. The development of car aerodynamics essentially depends on this powerful tool, which evolves at the same pace as the machines and which allows the engineers of each team to find the most efficient solutions before even entering the wind tunnel.

Net of Mercedes And Red Bullwho have reasonably allocated a lot of resources for the achievement of the titles in the last two seasons, also other teams, such as for example McLaren And Alpine they may have started the study of the 2022 single-seater well in advance, identifying in the new technical regulation a too tempting opportunity to raise their competitive level.

Alpine A522, Saudi Arabia GP 2022

The team principal from the Ferrariin a recent statement, categorically denied the allegation that the racing department of Maranello started developing the car earlier than rivals and that the performance offered so far by the F1-75 they are not the expression of a clear superiority over the competition.

The Italian-Swiss manager then added that they were not sure of their level of competitiveness on the eve of the first round in Bahrain and that the goodness of the basic specification of the F1-75 it will make it possible to plan an evolutionary development unlike some rivals who, in light of the difficulties that emerged in the first two events of the season, will necessarily have to take advantage of the first upgrades to eliminate congenital deficits of their cars.

Despite the excellent start to the season, and in the wake of the painful defeats of the past years, Mattia Binotto continues to keep a low profile, underlining that the reference car continues to be there Red Bull.

F1-Author: Roberto Cecere@robertofunoat

Photo: F1, Scuderia Ferrari, Alpine

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