Ferrari F1-75 ready for Melbourne: ‘unloaded’ rear wing – F1 Team – Formula 1

“On Saturday Red Bull decided to unload the wing at the rear, but we confirmed the set-up with which we started the weekend. The deterioration of the tires in the race was not a factor and therefore there is a bit of regret for that choice ”. Like this Mattia Binotto analyzing the weekend in Saudi Arabia he had highlighted that the choice made by Ferrari in terms of set-up did not pay off on Sunday in the race. “We lacked a bit of top speed”the words by radio of Charles Leclerc at the end of the race held in Jeddah and won by Max Verstappen who did not suffer any degradation in the stint with hard tires, relying on a more unloaded and therefore faster Red Bull RB18 in the straight sections of the Saudi circuit.

Melbourne represents a real unknown because F1 has not collected data on the Albert Park track since 2019. Furthermore, the layout has been profoundly changed to make the Australian circuit smoother and faster, thus favoring overtaking (the drivers will be able to operate the DRS even in four zones). Also the last sector, characterized by three slow corners, will present changes within the radius of the last changes of direction, novelties that will allow the drivers to have to brake less when entering corners. The actual braking sections will certainly be three, that of Curva-3, that of Curva-12 and that of Curva-15.

All teams will have to look for the ideal compromise in terms of set-up. The cars will need to be agile when changing direction and not too aerodynamically charged to take advantage of all the fast sections of the Melbourne circuit, in particular the ‘new’ one obtained by removing a chicane at Turns 9 and 10. “It is plausible to adopt a mix of front and rear wings combined with different heights from the ground and suspension stiffness. – writes Paolo Filisetti in today’s edition of The Gazzetta dello Sport about the setup prepared for the simulator and in the factory in Maranello by Ferrari – in detail, the string of the last front flap could be the one seen in Saudi Arabia, while the adoption of the rear wing with a less accentuated spoon profile mounted in Bahrain seems to be a priority choice. The aim of the mix is ​​to find the most valid compromise between smoothness and load, to make the most of the renewed layout of the track in the fastest sections, without compromising performance in the last sector “.

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