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[Rassegna stampa] – First and second place at the finish line, after having also centered pole position and fastest lap. The fans of the Ferrari they would not have imagined such a result to start the new era of Formula 1 even in their most optimistic dreams. But it’s all true: the redhead is already the boss of the championship after just one GP. Too bad, however, that another 22 are missing (at the moment 21, waiting to certify who will replace Russia in the calendar) and that therefore we still need to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. The teams that can hinder the world championship run by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are the usual two: Red Bull and Mercedes. The two teams based in England, which have won all the world titles from 2010 to today, are however facing very different phases.

There Red Bull she had come out of the tests with the role of main favorite to win the title. The same race in Bahrain had long seen it as a protagonist, albeit overshadowed in terms of performance by an amazing F1-75. Without the problems linked to reliability, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez would have finished their Sunday in second and fourth position, limiting the damage compared to the Ferrari super weekend. Those who have actually limited the damage, the Mercedes, is experiencing its most difficult period from 2013 to today. The W13 is clearly inferior to the cars of the other two top teams. There is certainly a great deal of untapped potential, but it remains to be seen whether Brackley will be able to make the right corrections in time to not miss the World Train. On the Gazzetta dello Sport Andrea Cremonesi has tried to analyze precisely the moment that the two teams that have fought for the scepter for the whole of last year are experiencing.

In racing there is a golden rule: it is better to have a fragile but fast car, rather than a sturdy but slow one. Because breakdowns can be patched, but if a car is born badly, it is impossible to straighten it. […] Since the pre-season tests, the RB18 has proved to be the only single-seater that can really worry the F1-75. Indeed, Milton Keynes are convinced that without the collection of troubles accused at Sakhir they could have even overturned the qualifying verdict. […] The double knockout obviously put everyone, from Horner on down, in a bad mood but did not affect the conviction of being able to repeat the title obtained last year. Provided that compared to Bahrain the mechanics are more reactive in the pit stops and a more gentle set-up is chosen with the tires. […] The password, in the Brackley team, is the same as last week: limit the damage while waiting for the technicians led by Mike Elliott to “kill the bounce” (kill the bouncing has become the mantra) […]. Something could arrive in Australia, anticipating its debut initially planned for Imola“.

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