“Few updates, we are strong like this and this is the best Leclerc” – Corriere.it

from Daniele Disappear

The team principal after the victory in Melbourne is already thinking about the home race on April 24th, where qualifying will be with the sprint race. And to Sainz he says: I expect a reaction

Yes, this is the best Charles Leclerc I’ve ever seen. He already had a lot of talent and is continuing to grow. For the ability to concentrate on race weekends, for maturity, for the ability to set up the car, for working with engineers, for maturity and tire management. The challenge will be to stay at these levels for the remaining twenty races, but I know he will give it all. Mattia Binotto cuddles the little boy raised in the Maranello Academy, he wanted him to be the owner, to many it seemed like a gamble. Not for anyone reading telemetry and simulator data.

This time the team principal did not get on the podium as in Bahrain, he sent us the chief mechanic Fabio Bellosi. One of those who spend his life in the garage disassembling and reassembling single-seaters, one of the protagonists of the Ferrari resurrection. If I look at the classification – continues Binotto – I could not expect these results after three races. We came out well from Australia, it was a clear victory, but that doesn’t mean that this is our value. We managed, in difficult track conditions, to arrange the car better than the others. I expect a strong Red Bull from the next races. They are pushing and developing, it will be a tight fight. The evolution of the species passes through Imola, where the points of the sprint race will also be up for grabs, the qualifying mini-GP on Saturday. We care a lot about the home race, let’s forget about Australia and start from scratch.

Several teams will bring the first important updates, Mercedes has started the correction path and in Melbourne something better has been seen. Red Bull down with the water in the throat and must accelerate. Ferrari will bring something, but nothing significant. Because the F1-75 is already competitive in the basic configuration and because Imola, for the weekend format, because of the sprint race, is not the right stage nor the suitable track for experimenting. The next interventions will focus on the area of ​​the bottom of the car to reduce the phenomenon of aerodynamic taxes, even in Melbourne in certain conditions the spot skipped creating a performance problem. More in qualifying than in the race. In the midst of so much happiness there is bitterness for zero by Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard was too impulsive, he lost positions at the start and tried to recover immediately by attacking with cold tires, he was riding the hardest. I took risks and made a mistake that cost me dearly. it was a GP to forget in which everything played against me. The Spaniard has some minor mitigating circumstances: he had to replace the steering wheel a minute before the start: A button was not configured well, that of the engine torque management, the anti-stall was entered twice. There are no excuses: I shouldn’t have made a mistake, as there shouldn’t have been any problems behind the wheel.

Under pressure from Leclerc, Carlos suffers more than expected, the hierarchies are written in the ranking. Binotto: I’m sure that this lesson will come out stronger. Certainly there is competition with Charles, but a stimulus. Knowing how to get up, in Imola I expect a reaction.

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