Formula 1 drivers recalled after strange sightings in cars: No jewelry is allowed

In the regulatory note sent to the Formula 1 teams in view of the Australian GP, ​​the FIA ​​reminds the drivers of a rule that has been in force for 17 years on which so far they have turned a blind eye but on which, after the strange sightings in the first two GPs of the 2022 World Cup, from now on there will be zero tolerance.

In this World 2022 there Formula 1 with the introduction of ground-effect single-seaters, it definitely focuses on spectacle without neglecting the attention to the safety of the drivers. And so in view of the Australian GPa, third round of the season, on the one hand the DRS zones on the Melbourne track are increased (which for the first time in the history of the Circus will be four) while on the other hand recommendations to the drivers for the behavior to be followed during the sessions on the track. And, among these, in the last memo sent to the teams, there is some a very curious one which, however, the FIA ​​considered it appropriate to recall following the strange sightings made during the first two Grands Prix of the season.

In the notes for the Australian GP signed by the new race director of the International Federation Niels Wittich, appendix L, chapter III, of article 5 of the sporting regulations is also mentioned, which reads verbatim: “The use of jewelry in the form of piercings or metal neck chains is prohibited during the competition and can therefore be checked before the start“. A totally unusual reminder since this rule has been in force in Formula 1 since 2005 when, in order to protect the drivers and reduce the risk that any jewels could complicate the operations of exiting the car in the event of an accident, it was decided to introduce an absolute ban.

But never before has any driver been punished for breaking this rule also by virtue of the fact that the checks in this regard have never been carried out. In light of this, the note sent to the teams by the FIA ​​in view of the Australian GP seems to want to announce that precisely starting from the Melbourne stage there will be greater attention to this detail: obviously the prohibition does not apply when the drivers are in or around the paddock but only when they get into the car to get on the track and in this case any violation risks being punished with a fine or possibly even more severe penalties.

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Inevitably one wonders Why did the FIA ​​feel the need to highlight to the drivers a rule that has been in force in Formula 1 for 17 years? The answer must be sought in what happened in the first two race weekends of the 2022 World Championship when several drivers were spotted with rings and bracelets inside their cars. After this notice, therefore, also on this aspect from now on there will be zero tolerance on the part of the International Federation which wants the show to increase but always putting the safety of the well-thigh pilots first, which in certain situations even a detail can do. a huge difference.

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