Formula 1 | Ferrari, the point on Sainz and Leclerc’s work in Australia

Ferrari, through its official website, took stock of the work done in Australia with Leclerc and Sainz on the Melbourne track. This is what is reported on

FP1. In the first session both Carlos and Charles started the session with Hard tires with which they respectively obtained 1’21 “249 and 1’21” 815, times that gave the dimension of how much the modifications to the circuit have actually significantly speeded up the circuit. mileage at the time of nearly four seconds. After an interruption with a red flag due to debris on the main straight, the two F1-75s were fitted with Soft tires with which both drivers improved by dropping to 1’19 ”806 and 1’20” 377 respectively. Towards the end of the 60 minutes of track time, the two loaded up with fuel by refitting the Hard tires used previously. Sainz covered a total of 24 laps, Leclerc 21.

FP2. For the second session the team changed the program: both riders, in fact, started work with Medium tires to complete the evaluation of all the compounds available. With that tire Charles got 1’20 ”523, while Carlos stopped the clock at 1’21” 145 after encountering a lot of traffic in the last sector. The Spaniard improved shortly afterwards in 1’19 ”979. The F1-75s therefore returned to the pits to take the track again with Soft tires. With this compound Charles dropped to 1m19 “568 while Carlos got 1m19” 771. The Spaniard therefore improved in 1’19 “376, and the Monegasque did even better who stopped the clock at 1’18” 978, the only time under 1.19 “. Max Verstappen was then placed between the two Scuderia drivers in 1’19 ”223. At the end of the session, the two returned to the track with a higher fuel load and the Medium tires previously used for some laps in the race configuration. Sainz and Leclerc covered 27 laps each.… CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE LATEST NEWS OF TODAY’S FORMULA 1! is the Formula 1 site of the TMW Network. On F1-News you will find all the most interesting news from the world of Formula 1 for a site practically 100% dedicated to this sport. Not only Ferrari, but also Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull and all the other teams. The Gp live in writing, with all the interviews from Sky Sport but not only, also from Liberty Media. In advance, interviews from abroad and many “special” contents, news and details on which we like to work. Formula 1 is here. Follow it with us.

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