Formula 1 ‘must go on’: the media circus cannot stop for a missile

We neglect the consideration that the Formula 1 is the maximum immorality of what I am proud to still define, indeed today more than ever, “system”, and let’s focus only on that image of the missile that hit an Aramco fuel depot, a few kilometers from the circuit where in fact the tests for the Arabian Grand Prix took place.

That missile was launched by the so-called “rebels” Houthi, Yemenis at war precisely against Arabia. We warm up so much for the war in Ukraine, but keep silent about the war, which is in fact defined “Silent”, of Yemen: perhaps simply because we do big business with Saudi Arabia, including the shipment of weapons? Perhaps because our long-time allies, the United States, last November approved the sale of $ 560 million worth of missiles to Saudi Arabia, and confirmed their commitment to sell combat aircraftbombs and other ammunition to the United Arab Emirates worth 23 billion dollars and awarded US companies contracts worth 28 million dollars for the maintenance of Saudi fighter jets?

In Yemen in 7 years of war 370 thousand people have died, of which 40% are direct victims of the conflict and 60% indirect, such as untreated diseases, lack of drugs, arriving too late in hospitals. Other estimates count 18,500 civilian casualties, including deaths and injuries… Since 2015 more than 10,000 children were injured or killed. A second-class war for Italy, indeed, not even a war since we don’t talk about it.

Let’s go back to the missile. That missile. It seems evident that it was launched precisely to signal to the Western world that there is a war there. That looks like all roses, but in reality people are also dying here, in the Arabian Peninsula, which is not alone Dubai with its skyscrapers, or the Qatar with its football championships (the result of corruption), people have been dying here too and for many years.

But even so, with that missile launched from a collapsing country, with the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, the war in Yemen did not no impact on our media: just a photograph and a few lines. And so the Formula One circus, with its immense wealth, with its Red Bulls, its Ferraris, its Mercedes, a symbol of that turbocapitalism that sows wars, poverty, inequalities in the world, has gone on as if nothing had happened. I imagine siding for peace in Ukraine … The show must go on.

Think about it: a surreal, grotesque situation, that missile of the poor and those racing cars of the rich. To underline once again the madness of the era of which we are helpless spectators.

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