Formula E, 7 Constructors said yes to Gen3: that’s what they are – News

Official i Constructors working on Gen3 and Season 9, Formula E. A commitment that, in reality, will be much wider, given the penalty provided by the category in case of disengagement before 5 years.

Thus, there are 7 manufacturers to respond “present” to the future technical era, which promises to be quite interesting, simply because racing requires performance projects. The 470 horsepower arriving is an adequate threshold to entertain and produce speeds higher than the current Gen2. We will have lighter and shorter cars, it will be good.

Porsche will continue in Formula E

To answer this call from Formula E are, therefore: DS Automobiles, Jaguar, Mahindra, Maserati, NIO, Nissan and Porsche. Then there will be the customer teams, who like Envision Racing will switch to the Jaguar powertrain, today to use the Audi traction line. As for Andretti, the rumors spread by The Race indicate a possible agreement with Porsche.

Customer teams, the McLaren question

There remains a question mark about the future of the Mercedes structure today. The departure of the German manufacturer at the end of the season will not lead to the dispersion of the technicians directed by Ian James. A front that could introduce a Nissan supply and commercial involvement from McLaren has been revealed in recent months. Two scenarios, the one linked to Andretti and the future of the Mercedes structure today, destined to be clarified in the coming weeks.

“We’re glad to confirm the commitment of 7 leading global manufacturers in the era of Gen3 cars, we can’t wait to see the battle. Formula E has always been at the pinnacle of technology, as a testing ground for the mobility of the future. We are confident that the upcoming era will mark a compelling chapter in the history of the series. “commented President Ben Sulayem.

The characteristics of the Gen3 single-seaters

Among the novelties, already introduced, of the Gen3 – in Monaco, on April 28th, the presentation of the single-seater -, in addition to the power level, we know of the double generator, with a power of 600 kW of energy recovery from the combination between rear motor generator and front generator. The maximum speed will be over 340 km / h and the high energy recovery capacity will ensure that at least 40% of the energy used in the race is obtained from regenerative braking.

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