“From Michael Schumacher the winning mentality”

The Ferrari team principal tells the German newspaper Bild: “Red Bull is still the favorite, but we know where to work to improve. From Michael I learned to be a leader in F1 “

Federico Mariani

Ferrari returns to scare the competition in F1: double win in Bahrain and excellent performance in Saudi Arabia. A dream departure also for Mattia Binotto. The team principal of the Maranello team enjoys the excellent performances of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, with the first place in the drivers and constructors standings. A growth that took place dreaming of redemption after difficult seasons and with the example of Michael Schumacher fixed in mind, as said by Binotto himself in an interview with the German newspaper Bild.


Speaking of the seven-time world champion, Mattia explains that he learned a lot working with him as an engine engineer: “It was a fantastic period. I am proud to have been a part of all of this. And not only that: I learned a lot from Schumacher. I learned and the ability to be a leader. I’ll never forget it”. Decisive qualities to keep the team together. Even so, his motto “being Ferrari” applies concretely: “We want to bring this Ferrari culture back into the team. We are the only ones to have always been in Formula 1, the most successful team in history. This is what we want to represent ”.


The new F1-75 surprised everyone, but Binotto rejects to the sender the suspicions of those who think of a Red that had started in advance of development: “Everyone was allowed to start working in the wind tunnel only on January 1, 2021. Maybe we focused more on the 2022 car, but we all started from the same point ”. Also for this reason the recent results have been surprising: “We knew we had prepared well and had worked hard as a team. But obviously we didn’t have a clear idea of ​​where we were compared to the other teams. We didn’t expect such a good result in the first race ”.


The fans of the Maranello team are starting to fantasize, but is Ferrari really aiming for the title? Binotto does not see a clear technical advantage: “It will be clearer only after the first five races. I can say that in a good position to be able to fight for the victory in every GP ”. Updates will be crucial: “Development will play a key role for the second part of the championship. We are enjoying this good start, but we want to maintain this level of performance as we firmly believe that last year’s world champions (Red Bull ed.) Are still the favorites. In any case, we know what to aim for in the coming months “. The great duel is only just beginning.

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