from Seles to Djokovic, the five most striking cases

The world of tennis is followed by fans and professionals but, in some cases, it takes the scenes of all the news (sports and not). Today we want to talk to you about the five biggest scandals that have ever happened in the world of the yellow ball.

# 5 Maria Sharapova positive for anti-doping

March 2016, Maria Sharapova holds a press conference. Everyone expects important news from that tennis player who triumphed for the first time at Wimbledon at just 17, but no one can think of what the Russian is about to say.

Masha admits she tested positive for anti-doping (melodonium) after the Australian Open. The Russian has always taken the substance up to that point, but since the beginning of 2016 she has been banned by the organization. The result? Two years of disqualification, reduced to 15 months. Sharapova will return to play, but with mixed results until her final retirement after the Australian Open 2020.

# 4 Theaffaire Djokovic-Australian Open

L’affaire between Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open is still alive in everyone’s mind. The Serbian arrives in Australia on January 4 with a medical exemption for not having undergone the vaccine against Covid-19. The Australian authorities, however, do not accept the visa and are holding the world’s number 1 in a hotel in detention. The Serbian appeals to the court and manages to win, but it doesn’t end there. The immigration minister, Alex Hawke, intervenes, he returns to the courtroom and Djokovic’s visa is permanently revoked.

# 3 Racism in Indian Wells against Serena and Venus Williams

We are in 2001 and Venus and Serena Williams literally dominate the WTA circuit. The sisters should meet in the semifinal of the first master1000 American of the season, but Venus retires before the game (at the urging of his father Richard, it is said). Serena then shows up in the final and defeats Kim Clijsters in three sets. Throughout the game, the fans chant racist chants and howls against the whole family. The result? The two sisters will return to play in California only in 2015 (Serena) and 2016 (Venus).

# 2 The Peng Shuai case

On November 2, 2021, former tennis player Peng Shuai denounces sexual abuse by a high-ranking Chinese state office, Zhang Gaoli. After the post has been removed from the social Wiebo, the traces of the player are lost. Worldwide thehashtag #WhereIsPengShuai and the WTA intervenes personally in the matter, canceling all the tournaments of the Chinese season. Despite Peng’s denials and some videos that have appeared online, there is still no definite news on what is happening to the tennis player.

# 1 The stabbing of Monica Seles

We have arrived at the worst story ever on a tennis court (and perhaps on a playing field in general). April 30, 1993, Hamburg. On the pitch is Monica Seles, winner of seven of the last eight slam events from the 1991 Australian Open to the 1993 one. She The young woman is stabbed in the back by what professes to be a Steffi Graf fan? The reason? Bring her idol back to the top of the world rankings.

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