from the ghosts of the retreat to the excitement of the first podium

In the 2020 European Grand Prix theaccident and the severe injury on his right wrist that almost put an end to his career, forcing him to radically change his way of driving. Sunday instead Jake Dixon got his first podium in Moto2. So you can imagine how many emotions have crossed the mind of the British. His eloquent tears at the end of a difficult and conservative race in the last laps, but unforgettable. The MotoGP bet coming from BSB led to that first much sought-after result. Just with the same team who gave him confidence in 2019, taking him to middle class, and who found him again this year after complex seasons. The first stepwith dedication to his wife Sarah and his parents, of a pilot determined to go much further.


“I just had to stay in the saddle”

An intense race, but far from simple. “A lot of emotions went through my mind from the middle of the race onwards.” Mainly because of the many falls, above all the most unexpected by Celestino Vietti and Aron Canet, immediately leading the race. A clear goal in mind. “I had to try to stay in the saddle.” After the incidents of the two leaders the podium he had truly become one concrete possibility, since Arbolino, he and Ogura had left behind any pursuers. But the second part of the race was quite complex to manage. “I tried to stay as close to Tony as possible, but when I got crazy 3-4 times I have lost track and Ogura passed too. Two horrendous laps followed and I walked away from him too. Later I found the rhythm and tried to get a little closer, until I thought that the third position was fine. ”


Finally the podium

A sigh of relief. Not without some thought too much for some missed opportunities in the past. “I had already found myself in the podium area twice. In Le Mans [2020] when I was in command and in Indonesia when I was second, but I crashed … “ A bit ‘of fear therefore that the result could escape once again. “I was rather tense in the second part of the race “ in fact admitted Dixon. “But despite everything I finished 3rd, I’d say it’s a good sign!” A new starting point after difficult years and a not easy bet to win. “I come from BSB, it really was difficult to make the leap passing from the sweet Superbikes to the rigid Moto2. “ Precisely with Aspar Team, in which he returned in this 2022 and to whom he gave the first podium of the year. “I hope the first of many!” A nice boost of confidence to look even further. “Now the first victory doesn’t seem so far away anymore.”

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