From Versilia to MotoGP, Fabrizio Maganzi: “This is how we help the Aprilia home riders to win”

The Aprilia professional with the centaur

After F1 with Alonso among Viñales’ physical and mental coaches: «I was able to turn my passion into a job. Sometimes I can go home “

PIETRASANTA. There is a little bit of Versilia and a little bit of Tuscany in the 2022 MotoGP world championship. In fact, Maverick Viñales is cared for by the pietrasantino Fabrizio Maganzi, 46, a great experience in the world of Formula 1 before and now in the world of motorcycles with the arrival this year at the Aprilia stable. Fabrizio is a graduate of Isef and for years has been taking care of the pilots and centaurs who race 300 times on the circuits on Sundays. Not only the athletic trainer, but also a head coach, who takes care of the driver 24 hours a day, who makes sure that the driver is always busy so that his brain does not lose laps and does not arrive exhausted on Thursday when the preparation for the race and the driver finds motivation and concentration on his own. In 2001 Maganzi joined Formula Medicine. In 2003 he is already in Formula 1 with Alonso and Trullli and then, with Alfonso and Fisichella at Renault who in 2005 and 2006 won the drivers ‘title with Alonso and the constructors’ title. In 2007 he is with Maldonato always in Formula 1, a driver whom he will also find in other racing categories, then he goes to Williams with Massa, former Ferrarista. This year the transition to Moto Gp.

Maganzi, what do you do with the pilots?

«They tell us that we are a kind of filter between the pilot and the rest of the world. With the pilot we do training, massages, but we also prepare the approach to the race, we make sure that he has a kind of shield with the rest of things precisely because a professional approach is needed. There is a lot of stress and you need a lot of concentration on the details. In Formula 1 the figure of the trainer is rather institutionalized, each driver has his own contact person, what I did with the various Alonso, Fisichella, Trulli, Maldonado ».

How did the transition to the world of motorcycles come about?

«I was contacted by the manager of Inside Racing, a mental training center for riders, and of Maverick Vinales, Giovanni Balestra, together with the Aprilia team manager Massimo Rivola, a former Ferrari I have known for many years, who wanted to experiment a little ‘different for Vinales, similar to what I had done in Formula 1 to enhance a new rider for the team, who comes from Yamaha, who has great talent, but who is still gaining confidence with the bike. On the other Aprilia bike there is a rider like Espargaro who has been in the Team for five years and who is obviously more familiar with the bike. Vinales has really great numbers and is growing in performance, too bad for a problem with the tires that made him lose a couple of positions in Argentina, but he is in great progress. Not only are there many Moto GP teams that have a person in my role: they often support a rider with a companion who does not perform my duties. Aprilia’s approach is to have someone beside the rider who follows him in everything ».

What perspectives have you given?

“First of all, to do my job well, to be able to act as an intermediary between the driver’s sporting preparation and the other aspects of his work, the relationship with the engineers, with the marketing part, which has its own importance, without the driver loses sight of the main objective which is the race. We have to be good at giving the right timing to the driver, which sometimes means finding activities to fill some holes. Here in Austin, Texas, we went to the shooting range for a while to keep our head and concentration busy. I managed to turn my passion into a job. Every now and then I manage to go home and I can stay there for a few days before getting back on the road and returning to the roar of the engines ».

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