Gasly beats Sainz and Leclerc-

It ended in Bahrain the second F1 test session, the last before the first race of the World Championship will take place on the same track as Sakhir on Sunday 20 March. Here is the chronicle of the first day.

In the afternoon Gasly in front of the Ferrari

At the end comes the ring of Pierre Gasly with the softest tires. In the dark, at the same temperatures in which the Bahraini GP will take place, on March 20, the French rider of the AlphaTauri he signed the best time in the first of three days of testing at Sakhir in 1’33 ” 902, a time still far from the pole of Max Verstappen obtained last year (1’28 “997). Behind the little Toro di Faenza there is the Ferrari: Carlos Sainzthe Spaniard got into the car at 13 and completed the program of the first day by removing in the final stages the second time set in the morning by Charles Leclerc.

Many laps for both (52 and 64), Ferrari confirms the impressions of Barcelona. Positive. The machine is solid, predictable, and fast too. Even if it’s too early to get out of balance, Mercedes and Red Bull they hid.

Sergio Perez has ground 138 roundsi alone, to go to the head of the queue in the final and trigger the first red flag, enough to close the day a few minutes early. But no other team has covered as many kilometers today as that of Milton Keynes. The teams focused on long distance trials, to see the pure performance by all we have to wait for the next few days.

The work of roughing out the new ground effect machines continues, covering hundreds of kilometers to collect essential data to verify the goodness of the aerodynamic solutions by comparing them with the references of the wind tunnel and the simulator. And also on the engine front, it is important to test the resistance of the power units before freezing during the current season.

Alpine confirms a complicated start: Fernando Alonso remained in the garage for a long time, the new unit is creating several headaches. As well as the phenomenon of heavy taxes, porpoising, caused by the aerodynamic instability of the car bottom. The road back to the top is proving to be very complex. And also McLaren, at the baptism of Sakhir, struggled more than expected: Daniel Ricciardo did not drive, he felt ill this morning and could not even attend the classic group photo of the drivers at the beginning of the season.

The times of the first day of testing

1 Gasly, AlphaTauri, 1’33 ” 902 103 laps
2. Sainz, Ferrari – 1’34 ” 359 (52)
3. Leclerc, Ferrari, 1’34”531 (64)
4. Stroll, Aston Martin, 1’34”736 (50)
5. Albon, Williams, 1’35”070 (104)
6. Norris, McLaren, 1’35”356 (50)
7. Bottas, Alfa Romeo, 1’35”495 (66)
8. Vettel, Aston Martin, 1’35”706 (39)
9. Russell, Mercedes, 1’35”941 (60)
10. Perez, Red Bull, 1’35”977 (138)
11. Hamilton, Mercedes, 1’36”365 ” (62)
12. Alonso, Alpine, 1’36.745 (24)
13. Ocon, Alpine, 1’36”768 (42)
14. Zhou, Alfa Romeo, 1’37”164 (54)
15. Fittipaldi, Haas, 1’38”527 (47)

16.10 Pierre Gasly on the AlphaTauri he sets the best time in 1’34 ” 010 with the red tires, faster than the yellow ones used by Leclerc this morning: half a second behind.

16.08 Carlos Sainz improves and sets the second time of the day, 1’34 ” 713, behind team mate Leclerc (morning time): the gap of 0 ” 182.

15.50Behind Leclerc are there Williams of Albon and theAlfa Romeo by Bottas. Only sixth time at the moment for Sainz’s other Ferrari. In the afternoon, the Haas also started shooting. Haas team principal Gunther Steiner, meeting with reporters, returned to the Mazepin case: We arrived 36 hours later than the others. We asked for 4 hours on Sunday to make up for lost time, but a team opposed it. We hope to convince all the teams and let us recover the 4 hours on Sunday morning. The difficulties were related to the farewells of Mazepin and Uralkali (the sponsor owned by Mazepin’s father). We had to look to the future and decide. We also have other partners and we had to look at them and what is happening in Ukraine. Footing Nikita was an inevitable choice. Then we also saw what happened yesterday.

15.00: Afternoon session in progress, at the moment the best time is always that of Charles Leclerc. Now on the track for Ferrari there is Carlos Sainz.

F1, test: the morning session

Sakhir a severe circuit for the engine, aerodynamics and balance.
Ferrari starts off on the right foot: Charles Leclerc He was the fastest in the morning session: the Monegasque lapped in 1’34”531 on medium tires, C3. Behind Albon and Vettel. These are still a long way from the pole achieved last year in Bahrain by Max Verstappen (1’28 ”997). And the most representative session is that of the afternoon, with the same temperatures as the race. The impression, however, that the new Ferrari F1-75 is easy to set up and easily responds to the indications of the technicians and drivers. But like the other single-seaters, when it comes to pushing, you lose grip on slow corners for a moment.

Behind Leclerc he placed a Alexander Albon with Williams, half a second, with the hardest tires. There was a lot of anticipation for the Mercedes, in the desert it presented itself with a completely new suit and with extreme solutions in the belly area where to streamline the sides it was decided for very special mirrors with aerodynamic functions. So much so that the opponents are already grumbling about the regularity of some choices. And not only. Christian Horner he would have said to Auto, motor und sport that this philosophy violates the spirit of the regulation, from Red Bull deny that the team principal has made such statements in public but the denial does not convince anyone.

For now, not much has been seen in terms of performance: Lewis Hamilton, with the same compounds as Leclerc, finished at 1 ” 8 from the Ferrari driver. But the English champion never pushed and just got used to the updated W13. A similar program played Sergio Perez, also Red Bull it has evolved a lot compared to Barcelona but not to Mercedes levels. Ross Brawnthe inspirer of the new rules admits: We hadn’t foreseen the design of the Mercedes.

At the top of the ranking sees Sebastian Vettel, he drove the Aston Martin with the helmet with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the text of John Lennon’s Imagine. The German had been the first to take a stand against the war unleashed by Putin. Away from the top there is a muted McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo had to leave the wheel to Lando Norris: the Australian did not feel well. Few turns of the British, on touristic rhythms.

The timing of the morning session

1. Leclerc (Ferrari) – 1: 34.531 (64 laps)
2.Albon (Williams) – 1: 35.070 (53)
3. Vettel (Aston Martin) – 1: 35.706 (39)
4. Perez (Red Bull) – 1: 35.977 (70)
5. Hamilton (Mercedes) – 1: 36.365 (62)
6. Ocon (Alpine) – 1: 36.768 (42)
7. Zhou (Alpha) – 1: 37.164 (54)
8. Norris (McLaren) – 1: 37.580 (21)
9. Gasly (AlphaTauri) – 1: 37.888 (44)

11.30 – Beyond the chronometric results, which in tests always have a relative value, all the attentions are focus on the new Mercedeswhich comes with minimized bellies, mirrors with aerodynamic appendages and a redesigned front wing. Auto, motor und sport reported statements by the Red Bull Horner team principal in which the regularity of certain solutions was questioned, but Horner was keen to deny them in person: The Mercedes is a rather different concept, our technicians will study it. What if I will change the values ​​in the field? I have no idea.

11.15 – Leclerc is still in the lead, behind him now Perez has climbed Red Bull at 1 ” 716, then Hamilton at 1 ” 834, Albon at 2 ” 047 and Vettel at 2 ” 106.

10.30 – This is the ranking of the times Leclerc still in the lead with 1’34 ” 531, then Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes at 1 ” 834, Alexander Albon with Williams at 2 ” 047, Sergio Perez with Red Bull at 2 ” 050 and Sebastian Vettel with Aston Martin at 2 ” 106. Vettel took to the track with a helmet in the colors of Ukraine.

Vettel's helmet
Vettel’s helmet

10.00 – For Ferrari, Leclerc is on the track who is currently leading the time table in 1’34”531.

Formula 1, tests in Bahrain: the technical innovations of Ferrari, Mercedes Red Bull and McLaren

Truth test on the track of the first GP, on March 20

On Wednesday evening the drivers already present on the track wanted to pose in a photo with an anti-war t-shirt in Ukraine, in which, curiously, Lewis Hamilton does not appear: the Mercedes champion, always very attentive to social issues (remember his involvement in the Black Lives movement matter), he immediately apologized on social media: a delay in his flight did not allow him to be present. The consequences of the war have already been seen in F1 too: the Russian driver Mazepin was kicked out of Haas (who replaced him with Magnussen), while Ferrari at the moment confirmed his pilot Shwartzman.

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