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90 ‘There will be five minutes of recovery.

89 ′ Lenzini takes the place of Bonansea.

87 ′ The Swiss are trying to push, but the blue are defending themselves well.

85 ‘Nooooooooooo! Miracle of Bonansea, perfect cross for Sabatino, but this was not able to direct his conclusion on goal.

84 ′ Very heavy goal when very little is missing at the end, it will be necessary to defend this advantage with tooth and nail.


82 ‘Free kick for the blues from an interesting position.

81 ′ Yet another corner kick for Italy.

79 ′ The blues have to change gears, it takes nastiness to take the lead.

76 ′ Enter Sabatino and Rosucci for Caruso and Giugliano.

74 ′ Bonansea wastes a good counterattack opportunity.

72 ‘Corner kick for Italy.

70 ′ The long phase of possession of the blue ball continues.

67 ‘Girelli touches the goal with a header!

66 ‘Corner kick for Italy.

64 ‘Yellow card for Giugliano.

63 ′ Bergamaschi enters instead of Cernoia.

61 ′ The passage of Caruso does not find Cernoia.

59 ′ Girelli wastes a huge opportunity, it is not the first time that the blue does not seize the moment this evening.

58 ‘Galli tries the right from distance, but the ball ends up high over the crossbar.

56 ‘Nothing serious, we can start again.

55 ′ Contact for Linari, who holds his leg.

54 ′ Switzerland can no longer overcome the metacampo, the blue must take advantage of this moment.

51 ‘CERNOIA! The blue tries the left from distance, the ball ends up just outside.

49 ′ Bonansea remains on the ground, free kick for Italy.

47 ′ Immediately a change for Switzerland: outside Reuteler, inside Folmli.


18:45 The athletes are redoing their entry into the field.

18:42 45% of possession for Switzerland, against 55% for Italy. 7 shots, three of which on goal for the blues, while only two conclusions for the Swiss, three corners each.

18:40 First 45 ‘of uninspiring play, both teams actually had few scoring chances. However, it was a balanced first half, in which there was no clear dominance, the game is absolutely open and anything could happen in the second half.

45 ‘+ 2’ The second half ends here.

45 ‘+ 1’ There will be two minutes of recovery.

45 ′ Corner for Switzerland.

43 ′ Great defensive intervention by Gama on Bachmann.

41 ′ Bonansea struggles to control a good pass from Giugliano.

39 ′ Now Italy is attacking with conviction, a corner kick for the blues.

36 ‘Great cross by Galli for Girelli, the latter struggles to turn around in the area and shoot, a huge opportunity.

33 ‘Nothing serious, we can continue.

31 ′ Galli remains on the ground following a contact.

29 ‘Giugliano tries from distance, but his shot is central.

27 ′ The blues try to be aggressive, but at this stage they struggle to find space to go straight to the goal.

24 ‘First corner of the match for Switzerland.

23 ‘GIULIANI! Miracle of the Italian goalkeeper on the conclusion of Crnogorcevic.

22 ′ Another wonderful exit from Giuliani.

21 ‘Bonansea tries to make his way, but is put to the ground by the Swiss defense. Bachmann is shown a yellow card.

19 ‘Foul in attack by Cernoia, free kick for Switzerland.

18 ′ Girelli goes to his head, but Thalmann is ready.

16 ‘Boattin tries the conclusion, but the execution is not the best.

15 ‘Nothing serious, you can continue.

13 ‘Caruso remains on the ground for a contact, the referee stops the game.

11 ′ Long phase of ball possession for Switzerland, which however hardly manages to overcome their own defensive zone.

9 ′ Good to come out Giuliani on a dangerous situation.

8 ‘CERNOIAAAAA! The blue touches the goal, Thalmann’s miracle in goal.

7 ′ Bonansea loses the moment for the conclusion. There is the first corner for Italy.

6 ′ Very quiet first minutes of the game, the teams are studying in midfield.

3 ′ The blues come from a convincing 7-0 victory against Lithuania, while Switzerland drew with Romania in the last match (1-1).


17:43 Now it’s up to the Swiss one.

17:41 It’s time for the Mameli Hymn.

17:40 The teams are entering the field!

17:37 At the moment Switzerland is leading the group with 19 points, 6 wins and a draw, while Italy is in second place with 18 points, 6 wins and one defeat.

17:34 It is in fact a direct pitched battle for qualification for the World Cup, we remind you that the first classified in each group will immediately remove the pass.

17:31 Switzerland replies with a (4-1-4-1): Thalmann; Maritz, Buhler, Kiwic, Aigbogun; Walti; Bachmann, Reuteler, Xhemaili, Sow; Crnogorcevic. Ct. Nielsen

17:28 This is the official formation of Italy (3-4-1-2): Giuliani; Bartoli, Gama, Linari; Cernoia, Giugliano, Galli, Boattin; Caruso; Girelli, Bonansea. Ct. Bertolini

17:25 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Switzerland-Italy, a match valid for the eighth day of qualifying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Switzerland-Italy, match valid for the eighth day qualifying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.This is, without ifs and buts, the most important match in Italy, a success this afternoon would put a serious risk on immediate qualification for the world championship.

The blues arrive at this appointment after the convincing victory on Friday against Lithuania (7-0), while the Swiss, in the last match played, have instead found a surprise draw against Romania (1-1). Milena Bartolini’s girls currently occupy the second position in group G with 6 wins, one defeat and 18 points, just behind Switzerland, which boasts 6 wins, a draw and 19 points. In the first leg match between these two teams, it was the Swiss team (2-1) that won, today it will be important, if not decisive, to bring home the three points. We remind you in fact that to qualify by right for the World Cup will be the first classified in each group and a victory today would allow Italy to overtake Switzerland and to hoist themselves in first position in their group.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Switzerland-Italy, a match valid for the eighth day of qualifying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, real-time news, action after action, minute by minute, so you don’t really miss anything. the match will start at 17:45!

Photo: LiveMedia / Alessio Tarpini

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