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Modena, 12 April 2022 – His phone is literally clogged up, his agenda full of scheduled interviews (practically one every half hour) but the smile constantly printed on his face because talking to him about the wave that has overwhelmed him in recent days, we we realize how happy it made him. He begins to realize, Riccardo Gagno, albeit slowly. Italy and the world celebrate him, friends and colleagues write to him in private calling him ‘bomber’. Who would have thought. The goal of the canary goalkeeper (in the video below, from the official Modena profile on Youtube) could really push the Modena in heaven.

Gagno, tell the truth, was he able to sleep in these two days?

“Sleeping, I slept. But I woke up early in the morning from the emotional charge. After the game I had a thousand adrenaline, it was an indescribable emotion, I would never have thought of combining such a thing. All the result of chance, not there. ‘I tried. In one way or another we needed those 3 points, it happened in an absurd way. “

What was there in that postponement? Please, anger for not having saved the penalty?

“I want to try to win at all costs, so I kicked as far as possible so that my teammates could reach the ball. Even a little anger at the penalty, but it was all a coincidence. The wind, the wet field … you can see it had to go like this. Thank God it happened “.

How did you experience the numerous web sharing, all over the world? Even Fifa …

“I am very pleased, if such an event happens and I am the obvious protagonist I am pleased. I have seen many articles of many social pages that I follow, they complimented me, they wrote to me, for me it was also an honor end up on certain football pages. But I just smile and be happy. “

The next day you trained. How did his companions receive it?

“They were all making jokes. They said ‘bomber’ … that also pleased me”.

Did you calmly hear the goalkeeper of Imola, Rossi?

“Today – yesterday, ed – we spoke, we exchanged some messages. I told him that I wanted to talk to him after the game but it would be difficult to find words of comfort for him and even now I struggle. He has all my respect, for me he remains a strong goalkeeper who has saved Imolese on many occasions and I am sure he will do it again this year. “

You’ve always been good with your feet, but up to this point …

“As a child I enjoyed shooting on goal, scoring goals. I found myself forced to play also on goal, I was the tallest one, slowly I started to be a goalkeeper and to entertain me they also put me out”.

The idol off the pitch?

“Del Piero. Then, consequently, Buffon. I was watching Juventus.”

Have you read all the messages received?

“No, I miss them. In fact I’m sorry.”

A particular character who wrote you?

“Emiliano Viviano. In another interview I mentioned Buffon, I said who knows if scrolling through the messages I will find one of his. Viviano sent it to me saying: ‘I’m not Buffon, but I congratulate you too'”.

The goal is dedicated to his family and to Emanuele. Can you tell us the story of the latter?

“Five or six years ago I was playing on the playstation together with Torregrossa and Tonali. One day Manu also joined, via the web, in fact we didn’t know him but he was only friends with Torregrossa. From there a beautiful friendship was created, last summer we they were also all on vacation together “.

And Tonali who wrote to you?

“That he didn’t believe it either. We spent an hour on a video call.”

Do you remember the goals of your colleagues in the past?

“Brignoli’s at Milan is very nice”.

But you are also passionate about basketball, right?

“Yes, like me also Tremolada and other companions Di Paola, Pergreffi, Giovannini, Duca, Silvestri. But the most exciting challenges are between me and Tremolada”.

To close, his relationship with Modena is very intense. Is this goal a kind of gift?

“An intense relationship, yes. After 3 years it is good that it is like this, I was hoping to reach 100 appearances this year but I will not succeed. A wonderful relationship has been established with people, I have always tried to behave with respect towards the fans and society, bonds are created over time “.

From that cursed mistake in Cesena in 2019 to today, if you retrace your moments here, what do you think?

“I was very upset. Even at that moment, apart from a few, I received many messages. It was necessary to reciprocate …”.

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