GP in Saudi Arabia: the return of F1

F1 has recently restarted with the new cars and new regulations: in fact, the GP in Saudi Arabia and it can be said that the Ferrari is roaring again. We saw a competitive and reliable Red: two essential characteristics if you want to aim for the victory of the World Championship. Leclerc and Sainz proved to be the best couple on the circuit as pointed out by Binotto, Team Principal of the Cavallino. So let’s see how the GP in Saudi Arabia went.

A game played on the thousandths in Saudi Arabia

2022 began in the name of one new era for F1: the cars are larger, use synthetic petrol and exploit theground effect to increase overtaking. In fact, it was possible to see in the last race, but also in the first of the World Championship in Bahrain, how the cars are now able to stay more time in the wake of another car without overheating the brakes and damaging the wheels.

But what happened? In one sentence: a overtaking duel between Leclerc (Ferrari) e Verstappen (Red Bull). Two young drivers who know each other well, from an early age, and perhaps also for this reason their duels, in these first two races, proved to be fair and loyalunlike those between the Dutchman himself and the 7-time world champion – Hamilton – who instead proved to be incorrect and very dangerous in the past season.

The race saw Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, and Leclerc start from the front row, followed by Sainz and the Dutchman. Thanks to a good race and pit stop strategy, the Ferrari Monegasque succeeded in stand in front of Red Bull. He led the race, for most of him, resisting several attacks by Verstappen, who thanks to the entry of the safety car, found himself behind the Red. At the 39th lap the virtual safety car is called which actually disadvantages Leclerc in favor of his opponent, who regains ground and overtakes him at 43 °, after several overtaking and overtaking.

Mercedes debacle

The race ended in the end with the victory of the Dutch who, once he took the position on the Ferrari driver, managed to maintain it thanks to the help of the yellow flags, which actually slowed the Monegasque in an attempt to overtake the opponent. Therefore, the Saudi Arabian GP ended with the victory of Verstappen and the two Ferraris on the podium. At the moment, then, the drivers’ classification is led by Leclerc, as he was the winner of the previous race.

And the Mercedes where is it in all of this? At the moment the house of Stuttgart seems not to have the same pace of the other two powers of the World Cup. In fact, Russell finished 5th and Hamilton sensationally 10th. They brought a very innovative car compared to the others but at the moment this choice does not seem to pay off. We’ll see if with the future updates the Mercedes will either return to the track or remain in the pits.

Last modification: April 7, 2022

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