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Waiting for the technical innovations and hoping that they are decisive for the porpoising that plagues Mercedes, all that remains is to run on the defensive, take advantage of a good level of reliability and take advantage of the events. Russell and Hamilton, in Australia, never even remotely able to worry Red Bull, let alone Ferrari.

The first updates are expected to arrive at Imola, after the rear wing of which it was rumored an introduction to Melbourne was not made in time for the third GP of the season.

Hamilton motivator

“There is a lot of work to be done and there will be a lot of meetings, of course. I spend a lot of time on Zoom having meetings with all the sponsors and bosses, trying to support them.

There are improvements we need to make and we need everyone’s support, make sure we leave no stone unturned.

It’s about making sure there’s still hunger and absolutely maximizing every moment. “comments Hamilton, in the role of whoever spurs the team on.

Mercedes, first of all porpoising to be solved

How much porpoising impacts on performance has often been said: limiting aerodynamic rebound from higher ground clearance causes a further increase in drag and loss of aerodynamic load. As a result, performance in all technical conditions is affected: cornering, straight. Russell reiterated that porpoising is the evil which must be corrected immediately: this is where the totality of Mercedes’ lack of competitiveness derives from.

In terms of developments, working in the aerodynamics department, Hamilton adds: I’m chasing people who work in the wind tunnel, the aerodynamic technicians, because there is performance to be found in specific areas that we know. I’m progress we need now, not between two or three races. We know, each of us, that as a team we have to keep the level of support and energy high “.

Red Bull and Ferrari will not stand by and watch

Mercedes on the run, as in some ways – much less critical, it must be said – also Red Bull in terms of reliability. Recoveries to be produced in a race to develop that will be measured over the medium term of a long championship. Today, Mercedes is out of action in both leaguesin light of the performance produced by the W13. “There are still 20 races left, I prefer to remain optimistic”says a Hamilton who necessarily has to believe in a turning point and a possible (how difficult) return to the world championship race.

“Realistically, teams often bring developments at a similar pace to each other. Will it be the same this year? Who knows. I’m really hoping I can get into the fight soonhowever, with every bit of progress we make, Ferrari and Red Bull will probably make a similar one: it won’t be easy. “

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