Hamilton and the specter of immediate retirement from F1, Rossi has no doubts: I spoke to Lewis

The lack of competitiveness of Mercedes and a strange post published on social networks have fueled the mystery about a possible retirement from Formula 1 of Lewis Hamilton during the current season: his friend Valentino Rossi revealed that he had talked to him about the current situation and for the moment dispelled the doubts about the imminent farewell.

After the troubled period at the end of last season due to the mockery of the Abu Dhabi GP in which the eighth Formula 1 World title was stolen on the last lap of the last race of the year following a controversial decision by the FIA ​​race director, doubts about the possible withdrawal of the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton come back to hover overwhelmingly after just two races of the 2022 championship. To feed them a strange post published by the 37-year-old from Stevenage on his social profiles on how exhausting mental struggles are a few days after the big one disappointment remedied in the Saudi Arabian GPwhere after the sensational elimination in Q1 of qualifying, he closed his race with an anonymous 10th place and a gaffe on the radio.

All at the end of a weekend in which, in addition to the now obvious problems of his Mercedes W13 (already revealed in the first season in Bahrain), Formula 1 also had to deal with surreal situation in which the riders found themselves on Friday, while they were on the track for FP1, when a missile attack was staged a few kilometers from the Jeddah circuit against an Aramco oil depot by the Yemeni rebels with the smoke that even reached above the track. An episode that greatly disturbed the British who, in the river meeting staged on Friday night, was among the few drivers who want to leave Saudi Arabia immediately and cancel the remaining Grand Prix program.

So many i torments experienced by Lewis Hamilton in the last few days who, after the strange post above, rewrapped his future in F1 that seemed to have been defined. The seven-time world champion, since his return to public life (after the very long silence that followed the Abu Dhabi GP 2021), has more or less blatantly always reiterated the concept that to push him to continue his career in Formula 1 at the age of 37 is the possibility of taking revenge on Max Verstappen and conquering that eighth laurel which would allow him to break away from legend Michael Schumacher and become the most successful driver in the history of this sport.

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The obvious problems shown by the extreme W13 Evo “without bellies” in these first two races of the 2022 World Cup, however, at the moment they don’t seem to offer him a chance to compete for the title with the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers. In light of this and the fact that fighting for the champion seems to have been the reason that prompted him to honor this last year of his contract with Mercedes, it is inevitable to think that, if you do not return competitive by return of postmay also consider what would be a sensational withdrawal during the current season.

However, the words of his friend seem to partially disprove this hypothesis Valentino Rossi who, on the day of his first race as a professional racing driver in the GT World Challenge Europe, revealed that at the moment, despite the strange post, Lewis Hamilton does not seem to be at all upset by the obvious problems of his car: “I talked to him, he is not worried but he knows that there is to suffer and there is a lot of work to do. But I saw it loaded, maybe he thinks Mercedes will be competitive again even if it will take some time“in fact, the nine-time world champion in motorcycling said to Sky Sport.

Reading between the lines of what the 43-year-old from Tavullia said, however, one wonders: Will Hamilton continue to face this enormous physical and mental strain even if Mercedes won’t be competitive again immediately? To get some first answers we just have to wait for the next three grand prix (Melbourne, Imola and Miami), only then will we have more certainty about the real possibilities of the 37-year-old from Stevenage to enter the fight for the eighth world title, that is the ‘the only reason (or at least the most important) that prompted him not to retire after the mockery of Abu Dhabi.

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