Hamilton, official announcement: will he immediately retire from Formula 1?

Hamilton, official announcement: will he immediately retire from Formula 1? The English champion leaves everyone in suspense

After a complicated start to the season for Mercedes, it is not so unthinkable to hypothesize a sensational gesture. The feeling is that he cannot fight for the title with Verstappen and Leclerc.

Lewis Hamilton (AnsaFoto)

If the third place in Bahrain had deluded his fans, the tenth of Jeddah does not leave much hope. Where he had won last year, Hamilton collected just one point at the end of a painful and completely anonymous race. His W13 does not seem to work at its best, plagued by “porpoising” And “bottoming“, Two technical terms to indicate the car hopping on long straights (and consequent bounce of the ground on the asphalt). If Mercedes had been able to dominate the past 8 seasons (all those of the hybrid era since 2014), now the hierarchies seem to have reversed. Max Verstappen’s Red Bull is justifying the number one on the track, with the usual aerodynamic competitiveness and reliability found in Saudi Arabia. There Ferrari for its part it has finally found the square with the new one F1-75 and can play for the win until the end. The dreams of the “Black King” to reach the eighth world title therefore vanish more and more.

Hamilton, the post on social media scares everyone: Valentino Rossi will take care of reassuring the fans

Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi (AnsaFoto)

Precisely for this in recent days Hamilton he had posted a rather ambiguous thought on his social channels, speaking of attrition due to mental struggles. A reference that has greatly alarmed his fans, terrified of a possible early withdrawal. on the other hand he himself had specified in winter that the only motivation that had pushed him to continue was to take revenge on Max Verstappen, after when it happened in the final of Abu Dhabi. For now, apparently, however, this battle margin does not seem to exist and must be content with remaining on the sidelines of the top duels.

According to reports from Valentino Rossi, his fans can still rest assured. ‘Il Dottore’ had the opportunity to exchange four glasses just before the debut on four wheels in the Imola weekend of the GT World Challenge Europe. TO Sky Sports he has declared: “I talked to him, he is not worried but he knows that there is to suffer and there is a lot of work to do. But I saw him excited, maybe he thinks that Mercedes will be competitive again even if it will take some time ”.

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