harsh words for young Mick

The damage had already been quantified on Sunday morning. The frightening crash that saw the protagonist Mick Schumacher in the second phase of qualifying in Jeddah they cost the Haas between 500,000 euros and one million. Not exactly petty, especially for a cash-strapped team like America’s.

Mick Schumacher (Mick Schumacher Twitter)

But beyond the great work they will have to do in the factory to restore the car in view of the Australian GP, ​​there will also be the driver to recover.

It is undeniable that the German took a double blow. The first, the physical one, against the wall at 240 km / h, the second, the one in the comparison with the box mate Magnussen. The Dane literally paved it. Returning to F1 after a year of absence, he has shown that he has not lost a thread of enamel. Quite the contrary, signing a fifth place in Bahrain and a ninth in Saudi Arabia.

Steiner warns Schumacher

Have close Nikita Mazepin in 2021, perhaps it was not the best, being the Russian not exactly a champion of the steering wheel. It certainly did not help him mature and this mediocre start to the season despite a decent car is proof of this.

Therefore, if the violent impact against the barriers did not leave him any consequences, having left unharmed and taken to hospital only for the necessary checks, from a psychological point of view he risks being destroyed.

A danger that for the head of the stars and stripes team Gunther Steiner it shouldn’t exist. “I don’t think he will lose confidence“He told Motorsport.com. “Obviously now that our goals are set a little higher than last year, he will have to live with the pressure. The higher you go, the thinner the air becomes and you have to know how to manage yourself“.

Simply put, the son of Michael he will only be able to accept that he has performance obligations, but above all he will have to fulfill them.

In the next few days there will be an interview between the two to discuss what happened and his current situation.

We need to talk about it“, Underlined the manager from Merano. “I think we will have to compare the data with those of Kevin. We need to find out how the accident occurred. Maybe the tires are not yet in good temperature, or maybe it was he who pushed too hard. Having said that, I’m sure he will be able to recover “he commented on trying not to add tension to the tension.

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