“Historic center of Brindisi transformed into a Formula 1 circuit”

BRINDISI – The streets of the historic center transformed into formula one circuits, with serious danger for pedestrians and the risk of damage to residents. The complaint is made by the secretary of the Republican Youth Federation, Gianmarco Martena, who at the same time launches an appeal to the authorities in charge of making a timely and urgent intervention.
“We are among those who believe that Brindisi – says the representative of the citizen Pri – should be in competition with industrial and port realities of great national and international importance such as Livorno, Trieste, Barcelona and on the tourist front with realities such as the Riviera Romagnola, Versilia and why not, Montecarlo, rather than being content with challenging neighboring municipalities in the province and sadly losing the contest. What we certainly did not expect is that the historic city center could shrink like a Formula One track without, however, the induced and the return of image that events like this would bring to our city, indeed ».

And again: “With the present, in fact – adds Martena, entering into the merits of the matter, expressing the discomfort of the residents -, we want to denounce what is unfortunate nowadays happening every day, and can be peacefully verified from the attached photos (and published above, ed) or simply taking a walk in the areas in question, in very central streets of the city such as via Piertommaso Santabarbara, via Lauro and others nearby, with cars whizzing at high speed causing harm to the owners of the houses facing the road and a risk of not little relief for pedestrians. We therefore ask the councilor for traffic, as well as deputy mayor, lawyer. Tiziana Brigante, and the Commander of the Local Police, dr. Antonio Orefice, a small gesture of attention to the residents of the areas affected by this unfortunate phenomenon. In fact, three years have already passed since the resolution with which it was decided to install 26 new raised pedestrian crossings in the city, but in the absence, still, of the same and tired of waiting, we wonder if it is not possible to foresee, at least, the installation of bollards or other alternative hypotheses that act as a deterrent to the incivility of some drivers identifying themselves as any Leclerc or Verstappen. We are sure – concludes the secretary of the Republican Youth Federation – that the appeal will not fall on deaf ears and that the municipal administration will be able to take on the demands of its citizens ”.

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