Horner: “Ferrari and Leclerc, the untouchables” – News

A package of novelties will arrive at Imola designed to lighten the RB18. It will not be enough to find performance, also necessary given the power reports written over the weekend of Australian GP, between Ferrari and Red Bull. It is necessary to combine a level of reliability such as to avoiding very heavy setbacks in a world-class key. Already three retirements in as many races for the RB18.

In Melbourne it is still the area of ​​the power unit supply, the fuel system that creates problems. Of a different nature, assures Christian Horner, with respect to the origin of the withdrawals suffered in Bahrain. Definitive countermeasures are urgently needed.

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Withdrawal caused by a feeding problem

“We have seen a number of problems on both teams. They are all independent, there is no relationship, we have to understand quickly and resolve them. It is clearly very frustrating to see Max’s car retire. Apparently there was a problem with the fuel system, outside the tank, to have caused the withdrawal. The component has been recovered and the parts will return to Japan. We will try to understand the origin of the problem as quickly as possible “, Horner assured him immediately after the race, reiterating how it was a different failure from Bahrain.

Precious points lost worldwide

Victory at Albert Park was completely out of reach for Red Bull. The Ferrari seen in Australia is too superior. And the figure is very remarkable if you think of the words on the eve of an Albert Park – faster than in the past – destined to be less favorable to the F1-75 than the RB18.

After three races, a mini-breakaway in the Drivers’ world is already looming, given the 46 points of delay accused Verstappen, the first true, credible, extra-Ferrari opponent for Leclerc. Even on a day when we weren’t as fast as Ferrarifor Max it is a question of leaving 36 points with a guaranteed second place in two races (Bahrain and Australia; ed) and for the team there are 50 points left on the field. It would have been two very different rankings. There is still a long way to go in the championship, but we have to solve these problems quickly. “Horner admits.

Avoiding retirement would have had the connotations of a damage limitation result in Melbourne. Another story to think about a competitive RB18 to counter Ferrari.

Ferrari and Leclerc unapproachable for Red Bull

In the race Max had no rhythm and Charles raced in a class of his own. It’s frustrating not to take these points home. Charles, his car, were unapproachable, we didn’t have the pace to challenge them and we had already seen him on Friday: he materialized in the race“, continues Horner, who recalls a well-known adage in racing: it is better to have a fast car and commit to making it reliable, than to be able to count on a very solid but” slow “single-seater.

The problem with the RB18 seen in Australia was the lack of performance outside the fastest stretches, outside the stretches. Cornering emerged the pain in making the front tires work. A Ferrari blade on the surgical insertion curves, plus an unapproachable race performance regularity.

“Max was not happy all weekend, the front tires lost performance rather quickly and usually it is the signal of a machine that has not perfectly centered the balance. We have some news coming up that will help, now we are back in Europe and we have to leave these difficulties behind “.

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