how his strategy in MotoGP changes

The news that the Spaniard has had the okay of his doctors is a turning point for MotoGP in the first year as an “orphan” of Valentino Rossi. But now seeking the limit will be a different concept for Marquez, after the many injuries in the last two years

Massimo Falcioni

– Milan

The fact that Marc Marquez returns to racing in Austin in MotoGP this weekend is news that not only reassures his health, but is good for MotoGP which in the 2022 season cannot deprive itself, after Valentino Rossi’s farewell to racing, also of a talented and charismatic champion like the eight-time world champion. After missing two GPs due to the diplopia, a consequence of the great blow given in the warm up on March 20 at the Indonesian GP, ​​Marquez returns to a circuit, the Texan one in Austin, traditionally favorable to him, not because of his desire to race anyway. , but because he received the okay of “his” doctors, the pass that surely must then be confirmed by the official health authority of the MotoGP.

marquez and the head

Neither Honda Hrc nor Marquez have given explanations on the possible causes of that terrible crash in Indonesia: whether due to the excessive speed in the corner entry, whether due to problems with the electronics or tires of his bike, whether for the asphalt defined by many “foolish” pilots. If this were the case, that is, if neither the team nor the driver understood the reason for that terrible crash, the approach to the Texan round can only be cautious with only one imperative: no falling! From a technical point of view, the Austin track is favorable to Marquez’s characteristics and, above all, turning “left” makes him less difficult due to the handicap that Marc still drags on after the previous blows to the right shoulder. In short, at this point, having acknowledged that Marquez returns, the question is: how does he return and how will he set up this particularly delicate weekend for him?

marquez strategy

Beyond the aggressiveness always shown and beyond the many blows taken on the track, Marc is anything but an “out of head” driver: his extraordinary results are the result of immense talent and tactical-technical ability. agonistic that only the champions have. Marc is 29 years old, he is physically and psychologically healthy, keeping his passion for racing and his desire to win intact. This time, of course, returning to the track quickly, he will not have to repeat the mistake already made previously of a risky recovery in the practice and race tactics, challenging the lucky star as well as himself. It is difficult to change the nature of man, much less that of a sports champion, a champion of motorcycling like Marquez. Perhaps the Cervera champion has to review his philosophy: “To understand the limit you have to fall”. Easy to say but difficult to do in a MotoGP where the top ten are now in the handkerchief of a handful of tenths and therefore, to make a difference, you have to take risks. The lessons are still teachers of life and this also applies to motorcycling.

motogp, the lesson of the past

Even in the past great champions were unbeatable if they were able not to overdo it, if they were able not to exaggerate, if they were able not to provoke luck. The same champions became bearable when they let themselves be carried away by “my own”, when no measure was posed, always and in any case. Nobody can ask Marc Marquez to change his nature but even a champion like him must understand that even the “King of the forest”, if he wants to remain so, must know how to measure himself: there are no revenge to consume! Much less can we ask Marc not to perform miracles anymore, such as not being among the protagonists in Austin and, if the opportunity arises, not to groped the coup.

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