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We see them darting on the track on race weekends: beautiful in their shapes and colors, but above all very fast and increasingly performing and technological. After all, they are prototypes and need every possible solution. A package that of the MotoGP but reaches mind-boggling figures. More or less the cost of an apartment for mere mortals. Not to mention when there is an accident and the bike falls apart. there how much the MotoGP bikes cost.

3 million euros to participate in a MotoGP season

That the figure was high, no one doubted it, but the costs that teams have to pay for their prototypes are very high: we are talking, for Top class bikes, of figures that range from € 200,000 to € 250,000 only for the engine. Obviously the costs are not so inseparable and to participate to an entire seasononly for the bikes, a factory team has to pay something comand 3 million euros. Different speech, however, for satellite teams that pay 2 million for two motorcycles per rider, but to this figure must be added that of spare parts. Obviously, in order to spare no expense, there is to add to all this too the cost of electronics, where sensors, cables and panels come to cost too 100,000 euros. Calmierato price, however, for the brakes: the FIM has fixed the price of the front brake kit at 70,000 euros (excluding taxes), including three pairs of calipers, three cylinders, 10 carbon discs and 28 pads.

In the event of an accident, the figures skyrocket

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But things get really contrived in the event of an accident: do you know when a driver makes a small slip on the asphalt without any serious consequences? Here, in that case the team “fly away” from the wallet about 20 thousand euros. All to repair levers or rear brake. And in case of a big fall? For example a highside where the rider is thrown into the air and the bike capsizes numerous times in the gravel. going into a thousand tiny bits? If this happens, we arrive at figures that are around about 100 thousand euros, practically half the cost of a new bike. In these cases, in fact, much more significant accessories such as tires, brake discs, suspensions, radiators and sensors must be repaired. In the event of very serious damage, such as damage to the rear wing, frame, electronics or fuel tankrepairs can come to half a million euros.

Honda takes stock of a season

In Honda house, in addition to the costs of the motorcycles, they also wanted to provide those relating to business trips, and even here we are not joking: it is 1200 € for each member of the MotoGP team for each GP. This means an expense of almost 700,000 euros for a team of 30 people. In short, everything that revolves around the beautiful show that is MotoGP has extremely high costs. We already knew a little, but seeing each expense in detail makes your head spin! And we don’t talk of tires, the most expensive part: Michelin gets to spend more than 1.2 million euros for each GP.

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