How to watch Formula 1 in streaming for free

The season of Formula 1 2022 it has begun and is already colored red. There Ferrari double in the Bahrain GP has rekindled the hopes of Ferrari fans: this could be a good year to return to protagonists and, why not, also win the world title that has been missing from Maranello for too long.

The interest in Formula 1 has grown considerably in recent months, thanks above all to a change in the regulation that has upset the cars. New rules that gave designers and engineers carte blanche and the results were seen immediately. The machines are all very different from each other, with design philosophies that start from practically opposite principles. In the designers’ ideas the “ground effect” cars they had to guarantee more show and more battle between the pilots and so it was. The constant overtaking between Leclerc and Verstappen was just a small appetizer of what the rest of the season will be. One thing is certain: it will be fun.

New rules, but old habits however it’s about Formula 1 on TV. The television rights for this season are also owned by Sky that will transmit all 23 races on the calendar exclusively on its channels (we should add the Qatar GP which will replace the Russian GP). In addition to Sky, the races will also be broadcast live on NowTV and unencrypted on TV8 (most of them on a delayed basis). For watch the Formula 1 2022 in streaming there are many different solutions: the SkyGo app, the NowTV app or the TV8 website. Alternatively, you can purchase devices such as the Now Smart Stick which includes two months subscription to the Sport package (not only Formula 1, but also Serie A, NBA and the best of world tennis). that’s how follow the Formula 1 2022 live stream.

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The Formula 1 2022 calendar

An eight month long season that will take the Formula 1 circus around the world. It started on March 20 with the Bahrain GP Well yes it will end on November 20 with the now usual Abu Dhabi GP. In total, 23 grand prix will be scheduled (at the moment one is missing due to the cancellation of the Russian GP which should be replaced by the Qatar GP) and it will be the longest season ever for Formula 1. Here is the complete calendar.

  • March 20 – Bahrain GP – Leclerc wins
  • March 27 – Saudi Arabian GP – Vittoria Verstappen
  • April 10 – Australian GP
  • April 24 – GP of Emilia-Romagna (Imola)
  • May 8 – Miami GP
  • May 22 – Spanish GP
  • May 29 – Montecarlo GP
  • June 12 – Azerbaijan GP
  • June 19 – Canadian GP
  • July 3 – British GP
  • 10 July – Austrian GP
  • July 24 – French GP
  • July 31 – Hungarian GP
  • August 28 – Belgian GP
  • 4 September – Dutch GP
  • 11 September – Italian GP
  • 2 October – Singapore GP
  • October 9 – Japanese GP
  • October 23 – United States GP
  • October 30 – Mexican GP
  • November 13 – Brazilian GP
  • November 20 – Abu Dhabi GP

Where to see Formula 1 live on TV

For watch Formula 1 2022 live on TV it is necessary have a subscription to Sky. Alternatively there is the possibility of see the grand prix free-to-air on TV8but most will be broadcast on a deferred basis.

There are two reference channels for see Formula 1 2022 live on TV: SkySport 1 and SkySport F1. In the dedicated channel, in addition to the entire race weekend with free practice, qualifying and racing on Sunday, there will be many daily insights, both from the track and from the television studio. Satellite TV has increased the live hours for this new Formula 1 season.

Who does not have a subscription to Sky, has two alternatives for see the new season live. The first is to wait for the deferred broadcast that is broadcast by the digital terrestrial TV8 channel. The second is to use a device such as the Now Smart Stick, a multimedia key that connects to the HDMI port of the TV and allows access to the video streaming platform with a two-month subscription to the Sport package. The Now Smart Stick is available on Amazon at a very affordable price.

How to watch Formula 1 2022 live on SkyGo

For watch the Formula 1 2022 in streaming, the best option is the SkyGo app, Sky’s streaming platform. If you are a subscriber to the Sport package, you can install the app on your device (smartphone, tablet, computer), open it and enter your Sky account credentials. At this point, just click on the banner dedicated to Formula 1 at the top and the streaming of the race will start. In case there is no banner, just press on the item “TV channels” and select SkySport 1 or SkySport F1 In a few seconds the streaming will start and you can follow tests, qualifications and the race.

How to watch the 2022 Formula 1 streaming on NowTV

NowTV is the on demand service created by Sky where most of the television channels of the satellite platform are present, including those dedicated to sport. If you are a subscriber to the Sports package from NowTVjust enter with your credentials and select the channel dedicated to Formula 1: it will start in a few seconds streaming of the grand prix (or qualifying or free practice). If you don’t want to subscribe, there is the option on Amazon to buy Now Smart Sticka multimedia key with a two-month subscription to the Sport package inside.

Now Smart Stick with 2 months sports subscription

Now Smart Stick with 2 months sports subscription

The price is really affordable, and in addition to Formula 1 you can see 3 Serie A matches a week, the NBA, the best tennis tournaments and all the other sports broadcast by Sky. Furthermore, the key transforms your TV into smart (as if it were a Fire TV Stick) and you can install all the most important apps for video streaming, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + and YouTube.

How to follow the Formula 1 2022 in streaming for free on TV8

The ultimate alternative for watch Formula 1 2022 live for free and use the TV8 website. The digital terrestrial channel (owned by Sky), in fact, has the rights to broadcast most of the races on a deferred basis. For watch streaming the grand prix you have to access the site, press on the streaming menu item and within a few seconds the live broadcast of the channel will start. There is no need for any registration, everything is completely free from any device: smartphone, smart TV and computer.

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