I never want to see him again

The ugly gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo, who destroyed the phone of a young fan after the defeat of United with Everton, created a trauma to the boy, who is suffering from dyspraxia and autism. The 14-year-old’s mother can’t believe that the Portuguese hasn’t contacted them: “I’m shocked”.

Cristiano Ronaldo he knows he has made it big: there is no defeat, there is no frustration, there is no excuse to hold. That gesture made at the exit from the field ofEverton after having collected yet another disappointment with his season Manchester United it is inadmissible not only in sport, but in civilian life. The blow that threw to the ground and destroyed the smartphone of a young fan who was filming it it is even more aberrant if we consider Ronaldo’s caliber and his role as a model that inspires millions of kids all over the world.

Also 14-year-old Jacob Harding he considered him an idol until Saturday afternoon and never would have thought that that champion who until then had only seen on TV scoring goals after goals and on social networks exhibiting abs and phrases of sportsmanship could make such a gesture. Least of all to him, that that day he had attended the first Premier League game of his life, lovingly brought to the stadium by his mother Sarah, who would soon reveal the ailment that afflicts the boy: “Ronaldo attacked my son, Jacob is autistic and suffers from dyspraxia and is now angry and upset. He was crying, he doesn’t want to go back to the stadium anymore“.

The woman later in an interview with the Telegraph increased the dose against the 37-year-old Portuguese, also bringing Manchester United into play. She and Jacob expected more than an impersonal player post – with an attached cold invitation to Old Trafford – after what happened, a story that led to an investigation by the English police but also by the Football Association, while the club did not consider it necessary to take any measures against its symbol man. Sarah cannot understand how neither Ronaldo nor United have deemed it appropriate, not to say obligatory, to contact them directly, just as it appeared truly horrifying that she in the CR7 message of her spoke of “this fan“to indicate his son.

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Jacob's mother's post showing the boy's livid hand

Jacob’s mother’s post showing the boy’s livid hand

The woman explained that Jacob was unable to sleep Saturday night, his phone is broken and he had pain inside his thumb, as well as the obvious bruises on his hand.. The boy suffers from dyspraxia and autism and therefore has some motor problems, such as holding a pen in his hand or closing buttons and zippers. “The apologies or rather the lack of excuses were the thing that made me even more angry – Sarah said – I thought, ‘What rudeness, you’re telling everyone that you apologized and you didn’t.’ OK, you spread it on social media but… you should apologize to my son. Ronaldo had several hours to think about it. He should have tried to contact us privately and only then release something saying that he had talked to us. I would have been happy“.

The boy’s mother rewound the tape to before the match, when her son was bursting with joy at the experience he was having. A stone’s throw from him were Ronaldo and other United players – who went out on the pitch for the warm-up – who gave high five to some young Everton fans with great willingness: “Her face had lit up, now it’s bittersweet“. At the end of the game, the mood of the Red Devils – beaten 1-0 and increasingly far from the Champions League – was very different. Ronaldo rolled up his left sock, showing the blood dripping down his shin from the cleats he received. , and walked slowly towards the locker rooms of Goodison Park Leaning against the barriers were some of the same kids as before, trying to film the five-time Ballon d’Or with their cell phones.

At that time there were a lot of other people holding smartphones – is Sarah’s story – Jacob was in a world of his own. As Ronaldo was leaving, he said to me: ‘Mom, he’s injured, I’m filming’. I said: ‘OK’. I haven’t even thought about it. He wasn’t even looking at Ronaldo, he was looking at what he had done to his leg and he didn’t realize the situation until the phone hit the floor. I could see the shock on Jacob’s face. He looked at me as if to say, ‘Oh my God, it just happened.’ This was the reaction. Ronaldo knew there were children, he had given them his hand before the game, while back in the locker room it was a completely different story because they had lost. Well, isn’t that the sport? You can’t win everything. If anyone did it on the street, he would be arrested and questioned. He is a father himself and I’m sure if he was a normal person, if he took his he son to a game on a Saturday afternoon and this happened to him, he would be shocked and shocked too.“.

Police and stewards were at the scene of the incident and Sarah and Jacob were immediately taken to a stadium room to issue a statement. The woman had also thought that Ronaldo could look for them before they left Goodison Park, but they didn’t know anything more until on Saturday evening the Portuguese published the post with which she tried to put a piece of it: “It is never easy to control emotions in difficult times like the ones we are facing. But we must always be respectful, patient, and set an example for all young people who love this beautiful sport. I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this fan to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair play and sportsmanship.“.

A patch that was worse than Sarah’s eye hole: “He said what he said. I was quite shocked that United didn’t release a statement asking us to get in touch with them, something a little more heartfelt than Ronaldo saying the fan can go to him. This seems really rude to me. Why should we, as Everton fans, go to United? He wrote ‘this fan’. He didn’t even specify whether he was an Everton fan or a United fan. These are very, very weak excuses in my opinion. It was our first time at the stadium, Jacob is obsessed with Everton and football. It’s his passion. Now I don’t even think about the day I spent with him, the good times before the accident. I’m just thinking about the last five seconds. He screwed it up, he is shocking“.

Jacob's mobile phone destroyed on the ground after Ronaldo's slap

Jacob’s mobile phone destroyed on the ground after Ronaldo’s slap

The phone is broken, the consequences of the blow to the hand will pass, but Sarah’s biggest concerns are with the story’s emotional impact on Jacob: “For him who has a disability, it is more difficult to express himself and it can take several days to understand what happened. With him autism of him, he has a hard time processing things. He elaborated it in his own way, as if it were ‘I can’t believe Ronaldo did it, I liked him a lot’. Even if he doesn’t cheer for United, Ronaldo is a star, a great player that children idolize. It was a shock, we both didn’t sleep on Saturday night. We were supposed to go to the park on Sunday and he said, ‘I don’t want to do it today, Mom.’ I hope he hasn’t knocked it down and it’s just Saturday’s exhaustion. I think he’s pretty shaken, but he doesn’t really express it. I’m sure he will, he will process it in his own way“.

As for Ronaldo’s invitation to go to Old Trafford as a sign of peace, Sarah said Jacob doesn’t want to know anything more about the Portuguese.: “I asked him: ‘Would you like to go? Ronaldo said we could go to United. ‘ He said, ‘No, Mom, I would never want to see him again.’ She is shocking because Ronaldo was one of the reasons he wanted to go to the United game“In the meantime, the Merseyside police have already made contact with Jacob’s mother: it will probably not end all with a cold post that does not do the Portuguese champion credit.

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