“If there is anxiety the team has not shown it, they want to do it tomorrow night!”

Tomorrow evening at 9 pm Juventus Women will play in Lyon at the Groupama Stadium for the arrival at the semifinals of the Women’s Champions League. These are the words in the press conference of Joe Montemurro and Pauline Peyraud-Magnin:


“I’m surprised, I didn’t think we could get here. We work every day for these results and tomorrow we will try again ”.

“Returning to Lyon where I was born is a pleasure, I don’t play with Lyon but with Juve, but I’m very happy to be here”

“I will not reveal everything but we will start from a great determination, spirit and heart. We have shown that Juve is capable and we want to show that we are up to it tomorrow too ”.

“The climate in the locker room is serene, we always agree and we want to show how capable Juventus is. The most formidable opponent? Let’s wait for tomorrow’s match and see ”.

“I don’t want to do percentages for tomorrow. The match lasts ninety minutes for both of us, there is competition and we’ll see tomorrow “.


“The team surprised me this week: all available, with great desire and a smile. If there is fatigue or anxiety they have not shown it, they want to enjoy this adventure and they have understood that these situations happen once in their career, they have taken it like this and it is beautiful as a team “.

“I am even more convinced that Lyon are the number one team in the world. They have a great history in this competition, they play at home and are returning from eight days of rest. We have to be honest and they are the favorites. The game lasts ninety minutes and we hope not to take it to extra time. We want to enjoy this match ”.

“I don’t know a coach or a player who says you are going to lose. If I play trump with my brother, I still want to win. We are here to play it. We don’t want to protect the result. I’m glad girls have this mentality early on. We worked for this, we will see how the game will go from how it will turn out. There will be situations in which they will have more possession but we will have to understand when and when we can play ”.

“What am I most afraid of? They are a team full of champions, designed for the Champions League. We want to play the game, move forward. They have players who are made for these games. There is a lot of pride and they have been hurt last week. As I said, they are a great club and a great team. We have to handle this too and not just the great players that are there. I always want to go all the way in all competitions. I liked the way, the style attitude we had. We have grown during the tournament and this is important. We were starting from scratch in this championship and all of this was a school ”.

“We need to read the situations, we understood that they had a lot of possession in the first 50/60 minutes. Perhaps because of our attitude. We have changed and we all know how it went. Tomorrow we have to see, Lyon will want to be in control right away ”.

“Lyon must evaluate what to do. They have certainly seen what we have done in Serie A. I am convinced that they will change their attitude. As we have seen, they too have a way of doing and playing that is a great base. They have two or three things to change. We have evaluated some situations in the offensive and defensive phase. In my opinion we have found two or three points that we can bring forward in tomorrow night’s game“.

“To choose the starting eleven I still have to decide. The form are just numbers. I am happy and even in a difficult period because when I have everyone available I feel bad about leaving certain players out. As I repeat, however, it is not only important who leaves but it all depends on the situations. We have players who can do their best in this competition by entering or playing 50 minutes. We need to see how the game is going and what changes to do. I tried to make everyone feel important because modern football is this: not just the 11 that come down from the start but all 23“.

“Each game brings you an extra piece. Grow and learn. Girls can understand this level. We are in a phase of growth, we must move forward as best we can and grow. The more we compare ourselves at this level, the more we are able to grow ”.

Miriana Cardinal

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