“In Austin not for the win, I have to regain confidence”

The Honda Spaniard returns to the world championship after missing two GPs due to the crash in Indonesia and the recurrence of diplopia: “There was fear, I could also race in Argentina, but I preferred not to take risks: I feel I am fighting for the title , but now I am not in a position to do so

– Milan

It is certainly the most awaited of the weekend in Austin for his return to the race after missing two GPs due to the crash in Indonesia and the recurrence of diplopia, the defect in sight: Marc Marquez is happy to be back on track, but he preaches caution. “It was a difficult week, but I’m lucky because my vision problem has created fewer problems than in the past – says the Honda rider -: I could have gone to Argentina as well, but I wasn’t motivated enough to take the risk. ‘another positive visit with the doctor, things appeared to be fine and here I am: I am not arriving in the best conditions, but it is important to be there “.

accident and fear

His accident in the warm up of the Indonesian GP was terrible, perhaps the worst in his career, but Marc has hardly any memories: “I remember little of the crash in Indonesia and what I remember is for the videos I saw, but it was a bad weekend for too many crashes, but now I’m here to start again. The accident was very hard, maybe the new tire brought there created a lot of pressure on the front and I crashed for this: I feel lucky for how it went , but what happened next was worse. The fear after the accident was there, immediately you think you don’t want to run anymore, but then the passion returns that is the gasoline to be here. A week later things have changed, the visit with the doctor confirmed my progress and I’m here because passion is stronger than suffering “.

trust first

Marquez runs on one of his favorite tracks, where he has won 7 times out of eight participations, but his great feeling with the Circuit Of The Americas is not a sufficient reason to gamble: “Austin is a friendly track, but we come from a difficult race and rather than thinking of winning I have to aim to build confidence again. Compared to the Qatar GP (the first of the season and the only course from Marc, who finished 5th, ed) I feel better physically, but worse like confidence because so many things have happened in Indonesia. My approach here? I can’t think about winning because to do it I must first be in the mental state to get closer to success and rebuild my confidence, so I prefer not to risk “.

do not risk

His physique, tormented in the last two years by the long rehabilitation for the fracture of the humerus at the GP of Spain 2020 and by two relapses of diplopia, is obviously marked and Marc makes it clear what his priority is, at the moment: “I didn’t go to run in Argentina out of prudence because I was mainly motivated to feel good and be able to run. I was certainly afraid for the sight, but it is something that also concerns everyday life and I asked the doctors for the possibility of a relapse: the impact has moved the nerve, it’s my weak point, but I can’t run thinking I won’t have to fall because falls are part of the game “.

the visit of the doctors

With 11 points in the standings and 34 from the leader, the Spaniard Aleix Espargaro with Aprilia, Marc is not cut off from the world championship games, but moves the viewfinder: “The world championship interests me, but it is not the goal of this weekend: I too want to fight to conquer it, but now I am not in a position to do so “. The final chapter, before seeing him on the track on his RC213V in Friday’s Free Practice, is the okay of the circuit doctors, an obstacle that Marc thinks he can easily overcome: “I have an appointment for a visit, but if I’m here it’s because I see clearly. sight is not something you can invent by squinting: I shot in Alcarras I had no problems and I think everything is fine here “.

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