In Formula 1 class, the Alpha Tauri “takes the chair” at the Engineering Department

A Formula 1 lesson at the University. Yes, it’s all true. It happened yesterday, with the “Alpha Tauri” stable “taking the chair” in the Engineering department of the Etnean capital for a lecture organized in collaboration with the degree course in industrial engineering, chaired by Michele Lacagnina, president of the course of study in industrial engineering. An initiative that involved over 500 future engineers and teachers in the lecture hall of the teaching building of the university citadel. The oval room transformed into a box of a Formula 1 circuit and the exterior of the department into a small paddock, thanks to the display of the single-seater that participated in the F1 2021 championship and the various driving simulators.

A long day that began with the lecture entitled “F1 Hybrid Power Unit & Management on track” by Eng. Marco Arini, Project leader Testing & Simulator Engineering of the AlphaTauri F1 Team, who exhibited and explained to those present (and to the over 200 connected via the Ms Teams platform) the operation of the hybrid engines in F1 and the management of the preparation of the race day before of a grand prix as well as answering the students’ numerous questions and curiosities about the world of racing. At the end of the lecture, the students were able to admire the car up close, positioned, from the early hours of the morning, in the outdoor spaces of the Department and “get” behind the wheel thanks to the simulators made available by Alpha Tauri, the same ones they train with. the pilots. A complete experience that is unique. In fact, the Engineering Department was the first to enjoy a complete lecture, complete with an exhibition of the car.

On the occasion of the day with Alpha Tauri and taking advantage of the large turnout of students, there was also the blood bank of the San Marco voluntary blood donors association, to carry out pre-donation screening and raise awareness among children about the importance of blood donation.

An idea that has distant origins

To lay the foundations and director for the realization of this day is Roberta Restuccia, representative of the students of the electrical, electronic and computer engineering department, who worked yesterday for two years. ÔÇťAgain with Alpha Tauri, already in 2020, thanks to a contact with a friend who is a student manager of Red Bull, I had organized another lecture online due to the pandemic. Noting the excellent success of the lecture, we promised ourselves to organize another one in attendance when the pandemic would have allowed it. And finally yesterday we did it. The large turnout from the students, even before knowing that the car would also be exhibited, was important, and this is a sign of the great interest that this initiative has aroused. We have finally filled the assembly hall after two long years and for those who unfortunately failed to participate, we have set up other classrooms to follow the deferred lecture “.


In the photo Roberta Restuccia

A great success therefore, which certifies the prestige of the engineering department of Catania and which could lead in the future to new initiatives with Alpha Tauri, perhaps to bring the students to a real Formula 1 box. “The University of Etna is the first to organize a lecture of this type. It is a clear testimony that the engineering center in Catania is well structured and often offers something more than other realities. The department will remain in contact with the team and will work to set up new partnerships. It will be difficult to do something more incredible than what we did yesterday, but we will try, who knows maybe with another well-known team … (Ferrari), in short, we hope to give new news as soon as possible “.


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