Inzaghi beats Allegri in the Italian style, but in this way he cannot win the Scudetto. Irrati inadequate, that penalty will leave waste in Juve | First page

Although I predicted Inter’s victory in the Italian derby, I must admit that Juventus not only shouldn’t have lost, but rather deserved the three points and fourth place armor. He will probably be able to reach the Champions League anyway (the calendar is favorable), but being beaten at the Stadium by the fiercest rivals and on a penalty shot twice, will leave some dross that is difficult to dispose of.

Let’s clarify immediately: the penalty for Inter (Morata’s stomp in Dumfries) was there and Irrati he should have noticed it without the help of the Var (Mazzoleni), just as he shouldn’t have whistled a non-existent irregularity by Calhanoglu (author of the shot rejected by Szczesny) on Danilo and De Ligt. Indeed, even with the naked eye, it was appropriate to see that De Ligt had entered the area well before the Turkish player’s serve. Luckily for Inter and also for the regularity of the match, Mazzoleni intervened again ordering Irrati to repeat the penalty. Calhanoglu still went to shoot and always kicked to the right of Szczesny, but angered the shot much more.

All this happened between 45 ‘and 50’ of the first half, amid furious protests (Allegri who made his coat fly like in the famous Carpi game a few years ago), disoriented players and a referee completely at the mercy of a colleagueMazzoleni in fact, live from Lissone, in the province of Monza, where the Var has its centralized building.

Irratiwho finished the first half only at 54’25 ”, proved to be completely inadequate for a whole series of decisions made and omitted. Between these two red misses to Rabiot and Lautaro in the first 25 minutes (they were both booked and would have deserved the second yellow card) and a penalty for Juventus that Irrati did not seewhistling only a free kick from outside the area for the shove of Bastoni on Zakaria. Also in this case (we were at the beginning of the second half) Mazzoleni stopped the game and, before confirming the punishment, looked and looked at whether the foul was in or out of the area. Despite many doubts, also reiterated by the referee experts, he decided that Bastoni had intervened outside and Inter was saved.

It was not the only time that fate or chance wore the Nerazzurri shirt. Not even eight minutes had passed that a cross from Cuadrado was badly rejected, with punches, by Handanovic: the ball spiked and landed in the middle of the goalkeeper’s area where Chiellini he tried to push her in somehow. Maybe he touched her with his knee, maybe he didn’t touch her at all, the fact is that the ball ended up against the crossbar and then splashed onto the pitch. Twenty minutes from the end, however, it was Zakariawho took over in the 34th minute from Locatelli, hit by an escarpment in the face of Lautaro (first admonition), to invent a central percussion, embellished with a couple of dribbles and ended with a fulminating right, deflected by Handanovic on the post to his right.

Massimiliano Allegri, to whom most of the critics (including myself) give the defensivist’s license, he surprised everyone by fielding Juve with a 4-2-3-1 and at the same time putting Vlahovic on the field as central striker, supported by Cuadrado, Dybala and Morata. That the Colombian and the Spaniard sacrificed themselves behind the line of the ball, confirmed how much the bianconeri were playing as a team and not hoping for a single shot.

It must be said that, given how the game went, Allegri was mocked by an opponent more Italian than him.. That is Simone Inzaghi who, in addition to never changing compared to his 3-5-2 (only D’Ambrosio instead of De Vrij), got behind, waited for the moment for some counterattack and won the game only thanks to a penalty very occasionally procured by Dumfries and for the gullibility of Morata.

Of course, Inter has won as many times has Juvea goal and all in defense. But if this brings Inzaghi’s team back into the top trio, it cannot suggest that Inter are the ones who win the Scudetto.despite having a game to catch up. Napoli, my favorite, play three times better. Milan, if this evening does not make a mistake with Bologna, will still remain in the lead alone, consoled by a growth that has made him aware, while the players of Inzaghi are in full involution.

Said that for over sixty minutes It should have been a ten against ten game, Juve made it and Inter watched it. And if, of course, only from a corner kick, Skriniar has committed Szczesny with his head, Juve have had plenty of opportunities with Cuadrado (14 ‘), Morata (15’) again Morata (29 ‘) on a low cross from Cuadrado and great naivety of Bastoni (goal eaten by the Spaniard who was level with the goalkeeper’s area). Lost Locatelli (34 ‘), Juve continued with the two midfielders (Rabiot and Zakaria) and did not lose heart even after the penalty, if it is true, as it is true, that another cross from Cuadrado (53 ‘of the first half), embellished with a feint from Morata, was put out by Vlahovic.

As if 14 3-pointers in favor of Juventus were not enough, Allegri’s men started again with the same rhythms and the same pressure of the first half. But once Brozovic and another Perisic saved on Dybala. Simone Inzaghi resorted to exchange very early. First (58 ‘) by removing Dumfries and Lautaro (inside Darmian and Correa), then accepting that his team defends very low allowing Juve to transform the attacks, less and less lucid and more and more frenetic, into a siege.

At 77 ‘another two changes (Vidal for Calhanoglu and Gagliardini for Brozovic), while Kean had taken the place of Morata (72’) and De Sciglio that of Alex Sandro. But, apart from Zakaria’s post, Juve only produced crosses for Vlahovic (not good last night), while Inter tried to put their heads out to breathe. For Juve, all illusions are over. But Inter, to regain the role of leader, must return to play. In Turin he won without playing football.

Juventus-Inter 0-1


Calhanoglu (rig) 45 + 4 ‘

Juventus (4-2-3-1): Szczeny; Danilo, De Ligt, Chiellini, Alex Sandro (28 ‘st De Sciglio); Locatelli (34 ‘pt Zakaria), Rabiot (39’ st Arthur); Cuadrado (39 ‘st Bernardeschi), Dybala, Morata (28’ st Kean); Vlahovic. Available Pinsoglio, Perin, Bonucci, Rugani. Herds Allegri.

Inter (3-5-2): Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, Skriniar, Bastoni; Dumfries (14 ‘st Darmian), Barella, Brozovic (33’ st Gagliardini), Calhanoglu (33 ‘st Vidal), Perisic; Lautaro (14 ‘st Correa), Dzeko (46’ st Gosens). Available Radu, De Vrij, Sanchez, Vecino, Ranocchia, Dimarco, Caicedo. Herds Inzaghi.

Referee: Irrati di Pistoia.

VAR: Mazzoleni of Bergamo.

Ammonites: pt 2 ‘Lautaro (I), 15’ Rabiot (J), 27 ‘Locatelli (J), 46’ Morata (J), 49 ‘Cuadrado (J), 49’ Skriniar (I); st 31 ‘Perisic (I), 32’ Calhanoglu (I).

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